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The Pope Heralds “The New World Order”

For two and a half years our mission has been warning about what was becoming the obvious, and has now been finally confirmed by the Pope in his address before the UN. The message is clear, the world needs a more just world order, economically, socially, environmentally, and in any other way possible. An encyclical has been issued making this agenda the official doctrine of the new world religion.

We challenge you to see if you can hear the Pope even mention the name of our lord Jesus Christ just once in the whole speech, so that you may understand that this Pope has nothing to do with Christianity (full transcript here).

The enemy of the humanity has been identified – the greedy Elites – who stand in the way for it to achieve universal peace and justice, and the goal has been declared – humanity has to unite against the iniquities of the rich.


“Adopting the urgent tone of a disappointed prophet, he then listed the most pressing problems facing humanity — from drug trafficking to the nuclear arms race and the rise of an “all-powerful elite” that hoards wealth and resources.”

As expected, the Pope did not fail to make the point about the environmental disaster and climate change as one of the most important goals of the new agenda, implicitly identifying the man as being responsible for the destruction of the Earth and therefore suggesting that “mother nature” now has to be given rights that protect her from his destruction and greed.


Popes don’t often offer concrete solutions global problems. But Francis is no ordinary pope. On Friday, he proposed three specific paths to a more “sustainable development of countries.”

• An international justice league: In previous speeches, the Pope has lamented that poor countries are plundered for their natural resources, with no legal means to fight back. On Friday, he proposed the creation of a “juridical system” for regulating claims and limiting power.

• Mother Earth has rights: This summer, Pope Francis traveled to Bolivia and Ecuador, two of the few countries that grant “rights of nature” — protecting the air, trees and water. On Friday, he backed the idea of “right of the environment,” for two reasons.

1. Any harm to the Earth also harms humanity.
2. Every living creature has intrinsic value, beauty and is interdependent with other forms of life.

• Beyond the dotted lines: As Francis noted, the U.N. began its summit for sustainable development Friday, and in December, world leaders will gather for a summit on climate change. The Pope’s speech on Friday, as well as his eco-encyclical, aimed to influence those agreements, Francis has said. “Solemn commitments, however, are not enough, even though they are a necessary step toward solutions,” he said. What the world needs, Francis argued, is a renewed sense of sacrifice for the common good and solidarity between the rich and poor, races and religions, the powerful and powerless.


The problem is the elite will not just give in like that, they will take us to war first. A brutal dictator, a “Third Antichrist” will also appear, and only then a desperate humanity shall unite under one rising voice that will be able to bring all this to an end and promise universal peace and justice …


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