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Mr. Putin and Islam

It is becoming quite clear, Mr Putin does many good things, like opposing gay marriage, opposing GM foods etc, but it might be so only to try to “convince” those who still can’t make up their minds on whether Mr Putin is a true Orthodox leader or something else.

Elder Hristofor foretold, as presented in “The Salt Of the Earth” documentary (will add links shortly), that a “younger one” would come, sometime after Gorbachev, that would confuse everyone. The documentary makes it clear it was Mr. Putin the Elder was talking about.

But while the confusion reigns supreme, the deeds (fruits) speak clearly for themselves – please read the following article about Mr. Putin participating to the opening, in Moscow, of one of the largest Mosques in Europe:


“Putin reminded the ceremony’s guests that Russia has always been a multinational and multi-confessional country.”

“I want to show huge respect for these people, indeed they do their job heroically and suffer losses,” he said, adding that there is no doubt that the Muslim spiritual leaders will educate believers on the principles of humanism, mercy and justice.

“I am convinced that the Grand Mosque will become for the Muslims of Moscow and all Russia an important religious center and a source of enlightenment, spreading humanist ideas and true values of Islam, will carry knowledge and spirituality and will help unite efforts of not only Muslims but also people of other religions for the sake of common benefits,” Putin said at the mosque’s opening ceremony also attended by Turkish and Palestinian leaders Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Mahmoud Abbas.


Special attention should be paid to the very “meaningful” keywords used, like “justice”, “humanism”, “enlightenment”, “common beliefs”, “russia has always been a multi-confessional country” … nothing really different to what the Pope’s Liberation Theology doctrine stands for, and which is about to be preached to the entire world.

What would the last Tsar Nicholas II say to that? Was Russia a “multi-confessional” country while under an Orthodox Monarchy for so many centuries? The Tsar has heard from The Heaven about these spoken iniquities and shall make clear his response on the day of the reckoning.

The same sort of ecumenist attitude was observed in the way the Romanian Patriarchate tackled its own “mega-Mosque” issue recently, a subject we will get into in a different article. All these developments  are telling us that the entire Orthodox World has in fact been infiltrated and conquered from inside and is now in the process of being globalized – transformed into a “global” religion.

Mr Putin did not fail to condemn ISIS, but not because it is a tool created to stir the world towards preparing it for the appearance of an “Evil Antichrist”, but because it is a radical idea the world needs to unite against …

The Pope is already in the U.S. where he is getting ready to address the U.S. Congress and the U.N for the first time in history, paving the way … and maybe also trying to investigate how he could make use of Vatican’ vast wealth for the benefit of humanity … maybe preparing a new monetary system backed by Vatican’s gold? 🙂


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