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Why Greece Matters

In previus articles we made a statement in which we linked the situation in Greece with the judgement America (and all those that fornicate with her) affirmed upon herself. Let us therefore say a few things about why we believe it to be so, and present some more evidence.

Lets start with the evidence:

The IMF admits Greece can’t pay their debt:


And everyone understands they can’t:



Yet the elite still insist they want things done their way, and stand ready to do whatever it takes to make sure Greece is subdued:


But BRICS are showing Greece they have a way out, without having to suffer at the hand of the crooked bankers.

Both China:

And Russia:

Both Russia and China have hinted that the debt slavery of Greece could end, without having Greece completely destroyed. And now Mr Tsipras is on a mission to convince the greeks that they need to vote NO in the referendum, saying “he could quickly secure a better deal with creditors if his nation rebuffed their previous demands in Sunday’s referendum”. So Mr Tsipras knows he has an ace in his sleeve.

The surprising admission on the IMF part may look like an act of sabotage to the efforts of the EU to blackmail Greece, but that may be intentional. In reality the elite do want to get Greece jump into BRICS’ arms and trigger the American/European debt slavery system to start to unravel.

Although this will make BRICS look like the liberators of humanity from under the oppression of the West, in reality it is another deception and part of the same plan of uniting all forces of society against the iniquities of the West, specifically representing the political face of this plan (the spiritual face has already been presented in our numerous articles).

Greece may still vote YES at the referendum and bow down before the EU master yet again, but the sign has been given: one way or another, God’s judgement on the West is drawing near!

One thing we have great fears about is the elite are not going to give in without a war, as war will indeed convince people to take BRICS’ side.

Please remember, nothing is what is seems …



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