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St John of the Ladder on spiritual deception

Let us again appeal to the wisdom of the Holy Fathers, and not to that of man, and see what they have to say about compromising “in the name of love”. http://www.prudencetrue.com/images/TheLadderofDivineAscent.pdf In one of the most important books of Orthodox Christianity, The Ladder of The Divine Ascent by St John Climacus (of The Ladder),

Drunken Monk

There was once a monk who lived on Mount Athos, in Karyes. He was drinking and getting drunk every day, scandalizing the pilgrims. After a while he died and this has relieved some of the believers who went and told elder Paisios they were pleased that finally this huge problem was resolved. Father Paisios replied

Blessed Nicolai Rogozin († 16 Dec 1981)

Another Saint who’s body was found incorrupt after 20+ years in the grave, but one that today’s Orthodox authority in Moscow would rather not have you know about. Those who understand Russian or Romanian, please watch the following documentary which does show the incorrupt relics on a few occasions. We would like to add that

Dear Fr Herman (Podmoshensky),

we did not personally know you, but we talked to you over the phone, some time ago, and we wrote you a few letters to which you replied so kindly and timely. Those days seem like yesterday, and those words still sound as clear today as they did back then. The only difference is that

Fr Herman (Podmoshensky) has reposed in the Lord

http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/71886.htm Memory eternal Fr Herman, may God rest your soul in peace amongst His saints! Thank you for everything you have done for us the sinners. Matthew 7:16-18: “You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears

Prayer to the Holy Martyrs and Confessors of Romania who suffered in communist extermination camps

Dedicated to the one year commemoration of Elder Iustin Parvu joining with all the saints and martyrs confessors against Communism into the Kingdom of Christ. Memory Eternal ! O, Holy Martyrs and Confessors of Christ, who in camps and persecutions, through the many sufferings stopped the mad enemy which in anger fought against the Church

Elder Paisios – About Orthodoxy

A dialogue between Elder Paisios and a group of pilgrims: “[…] -What is the difference between Orthodox and Catholics? […] -Can you see this house? -Yes, I can. -If you remove the mortar that existed between the stones, what will keep them together? This is what Catholics did. They removed the reinforcement and weakened the

Fr Arsenie Boca: On the Beginners’ Spiritual Shortcomings

Reproduced from http://valahia.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/on-the-beginners’-spiritual-shortcomings/ Excerpt from CĂRAREA ÎMPĂRĂTIEI –”The Way to the Kingdom” – by Fr. Arsenie BOCA (+15/28 Nov 1989) Propensity for Haughtiness They are more readily inclined to give lessons, rather than to receive them. They condemn within their heart those who do not understand faith as they do and they manifest that condemnation

Akathist to Fr Seraphim Rose of Platina (20 Aug / 2 Sep)

Kontakion 1 Chosen vessel of Christ, Blessed Father Seraphim, we offer to thee a song of thanksgiving and praise, as we contemplate thy God-pleasing activity and sacrifice. As you now behold the risen Lord, on His throne of glory, you intercede for our pitiful generation. Wherefore we sinners cry out: Rejoice, Holy Father Blessed Seraphim,

Saint John Jacob the Chozebite (Jul 23 / Aug 5 1960) – Poems

(translation from Romanian) The Apocalyptic Beast And now when surging malice grows The Antichrist opens his school To teaching many people, shows, The atheist language is ‘cool’! Because the ugly ‘thoughtful beast’ It moves its ugly heads in hew: The Free-mason, the communist And the mutinous, rebel Jew. The popes and likes from Rome With

Prophesy of Abba Pambo regarding the state of the world in the end times

Then the disciple asked: “What sayest thou, o Abba, that the traditions and practices among the Christians will be altered? Perhaps there will be a dearth of priests in the Church when these unfortunate times come?” Pambo continued: “In those times, the love for God in most souls will grow cold and a great sadness

The Holy Glorious and All-Praised Leaders of the Apostles, Peter and Paul

Sermon of Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo Today the Holy Church piously remembers the sufferings of the Holy Glorious and All-Praised Apostles Peter and Paul. St. Peter, the fervent follower of Jesus Christ, for the profound confession of His Divinity: “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God,” was deemed worthy by the

Icon of the Mother of God of “The Three Hands” – Jun28 / July11

In the ninth century during the time of the Iconoclasts, St. John of Damascus (December 4) was zealous in his veneration of holy icons. Because of this, he was slandered by the emperor and iconoclast Leo III the Isaurian (717-740), who informed the Damascus caliph that St. John was committing treasonous acts against him. The

Blessed Iustin Parvu’s deathbed prophecy

Five days before his repose in The Lord on June 16 2013, Blessed Iustin Parvu made a chilling prophecy to a number of his spiritual children: “Father, you know the issue with the new health care cards (with a microchip), they have not yet been introduced, but they will still be required in the near

Archimandrite Iustin Parvu has reposed in the Lord

Holy Father Iustin Parvu, you have conquered this world, and the red beast of the apocalypse, the communism, could not silence you. They put you in jail for 18 years, yet you stood firm defending true Orthodoxy against all those that tried to destroy it. You came out victorious against all trials and tribulations, shaming

Quotes from the Holy Fathers – June 2013

“CONCERNING this super-essential and hidden Deity we must not presume to speak, nor even to think, beyond that which has been Divinely revealed to us in the sacred Scriptures, for, as Itself has, in Its Goodness, taught us concerning Itself, the knowledge and contemplation of Its essential Nature is beyond the reach of all things.”

Let us pray for Fr Iustin Parvu in Romania

Our hearts are joined with those of whom are praying today for the health of Fr Iustin Parvu in Romania. May God heed the prayers of the 250+ priests and all the believers everywhere who understand how important the work of this Holy Father is in these difficult times for orthodoxy.

St Ephraim the Syrian – the time is near !

“Lift your eyes to heaven when it, like a clean mirror, gloriously illumines the earth with its stars, and say in awe: if the stars shine with such glory, then how much more so will the righteous and the saints who have done the holy will of God whine with the inexpressible light of saving

St Basil The Great – A Lament For Sin

Weep over your sin: it is a spiritual ailment; it is death to your immortal soul; it deserves ceaseless, unending weeping and crying; let all tears flow for it, and sighing come forth without ceasing from the depths of your heart. In profound humility I weep for all my sins, voluntary and involuntary, conscious and

Christ is Risen !

ENCYCLICAL for the All-Glorious Resurrection of Christ Our Savior The Mind of the Risen Christ,Purification of the Heart, and the Vision of God Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Let us keep feast yet again with the whole of creation, which, renewed, endows its fragrance upon all that surrounds us. Let this Feast be unceasing

The normal Christian disposition is to expect the Second Coming of Christ – imminently

Unfortunately, many now think that Christianty exists for the sake of bettering this world, for the sake of helping the poor man and promoting kindness….God did not give us the commandments for this reason! St Ephraim the Syrian, in expecting the second coming of Christ, sang: “Having called to remembrance that awesome coming, shudder in

The Last Times

Question and Answer to St Niphon of Constantinople. “A brother asked: Just as now we have many Saints in the entire world, will there be such people also at the end of the world?” “The blessed one answered him: My son. Until the very end of this age, there will be prophets of the Lord

Baptismal Vows

“When a person is baptized as an adult, as it happens at times these days but was particularly frequent in olden days, then he himself makes promises on his own behalf; but if he is baptized in infancy, these promises are pronounced on his behalf by his godfather or godmother – the “recipients” as the

Peace and tolerance?

“Julian” (the apostate), “now that he was emperor, thought he could do as he liked. The [pagan] temples were opened and sacrifices were brought to their altars. To make the ordinance of the restoration of the old gods more effective, Julian summoned to the palace the Christian bishops, who were far from being of one

Two Great Schisms

Archbishop Anthony of Geneva: Splinter groups in Orthodoxy An excerpt from Archbishop Anthony of Geneva taken from http://internetsobor.org/rptcz/tcerkovnye-novosti/rptcz/arkhiepiskop-antonii-zhenevskii-raskolnicheskiia-gruppy-v-pravoslavii. Correspondent: ROCA incl. April 3, 2013 . Posted in ROCOR (Views: 38) Yes, they do exist. Some call them divisive, others – confessors. Why is this so? Let us first establish the facts of what is sure