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The Last Times

Question and Answer to St Niphon of Constantinople.

“A brother asked: Just as now we have many Saints in the entire world, will there be such people also at the end of the world?”

“The blessed one answered him: My son. Until the very end of this age, there will be prophets of the Lord God, just as there will be servants of Satan. Moreover, in the last times, those who truly are working for God will successfully hide themselves from people, and they will not perform signs and miracles among the people. Instead, they will walk the path of good works, mixed with humility – and in the Heavenly Kingdom they will appear greater than the fathers who are famous for their miracles. Because at that time, no one will do miracles in front of the eyes of people, which might inspire the people to struggle diligently and eagerly.

In the entire world, those who hold the holy cathedras [the Bishops] will be completely inexperienced and will not know the art of virtue. The representatives of the monastics will be just the same, because all of them will be conquered by gluttony and vanity, and will serve rather as a stumbling-block for people than an example. Therefore virtue will be despised even more. Avarice [love of money] will rule everything then. And woe to those monks who are rich in gold, for they will be shamed by the Lord God and will not see the face of the living God.”

“A monk or a layman who gives his gold up to usury, if he does not reject this usury, will be lowered down into the deepest tartarus [a special compartment of hell], because he did not want to bring his gold as a sacrifice to God by giving alms to the poor. Therefore, my son, as I said earlier, many will be possessed by ignorance, and will fall into the abyss, being deceived by the broadness of the broad and wide path”


What governs our modern world? The Saint tells us that at the end of time, avarice will rule everything! Where does this quote place our modern society, governed by the financial game?
Where will the all-powerful international bankers find themselves on the day of Judgement?
Where will every small avaricious (that is, gold-loving) soul find itself, if the man has prioritised gain, higher interest rates, small play in stocks for profit, small loans to “friends” for gain – instead of bringing his surplus money to GOD as a sacrifice?
Where will all our Bishops find themselves, who prioritise pompous, glorious meetings with their “brethren” of other religions – rather than defending and suffering with the true Church of Christ?
Where will those monks who allow people to interview them on TV, to write books about them, who allow the people to call them saints rather than walk the path of good works mixed with humility – find themselves?

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