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Archimandrite Iustin Parvu has reposed in the Lord

Holy Father Iustin Parvu, you have conquered this world, and the red beast of the apocalypse, the communism, could not silence you. They put you in jail for 18 years, yet you stood firm defending true Orthodoxy against all those that tried to destroy it. You came out victorious against all trials and tribulations, shaming the devil and revealing its evil works. You have now gone to receive your crown in the Heaven. Please pray for us, from the heights where few ascended, that we may have the strength to confront our tribulations when the hour comes, as it is near! Thank you for everything you have done for us and for all the Holy Martyrs that had the courage to take a stance against communism.

Update: It is already being reported that pleasantly odored myrrh is streaming from Fr Iustin’s eyes and hands. Fr Iustin passed away on Sunday 16th of June 2013 at 22:40 at night (Bucharest time).

Many considered Fr Iustin Parvu as being the Real Patriarch of Romania. It is so difficult to summarise Father Justin’s extraordinary achievements for the Church of Christ, in this very fallen world. Yes, he was beaten, jailed for many years, attempted to be murdered several times. They tried everything to force him to give up his Orthodox Faith, all to no avail. As many Romanians will be present at his funeral at the Monastery Petru-Voda that he built more than twenty years ago, many more and of all nations will remember him and pray for him. Obviously, he is the one who will be praying for us, especially from There, from the Everlasting Paradise where he will be resting in the Peace of his beloved Christ! Father Justin will be greeted by the Mother of God, Legions of Angels led by the Holy Archangel Michael, together with the glorious Faithful Fighters for Christ, like himself. All those from this magnificent generation of martyrs, who had their bones crushed by the demonic chiefs of this age, are powerful intercessors to our Redeemer. Father Justin Parvu is the last wonderful man of this kind, Crucified for our sake, like the Eternal Son of God! May God rest his soul in Peace! Father Justin, pray for us, the most awful sinners!

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