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Blessed Nicolai Rogozin († 16 Dec 1981)

Another Saint who’s body was found incorrupt after 20+ years in the grave, but one that today’s Orthodox authority in Moscow would rather not have you know about. Those who understand Russian or Romanian, please watch the following documentary which does show the incorrupt relics on a few occasions. We would like to add that Blessed Nicolai’s beliefs and those of Blessed Iustin Parvu are practically identical in regards to the biometric identification documents and the imminence of the coming of antichrist. Blessed Iustin Parvu said (in a video interview before he died a few years ago) that the antichrist is already “on the ground” ready to be revealed to the world in Jerusalem! (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co2xDukjUrw)

Before we get into the main subject, it is of great significance to note that The Russian Orthodox Church defrocked the only anti-ecumenist bishop in 2008, with a unanimity of votes. What this really means is that all the other hundreds of bishops in the Russian Church must be pro-ecumenism – just as one would expect considering the prophecies of Blessed Nicolai are so grim. It appears the official Russian Church has been purged of any opposition.


Special points Blessed Nicolai made:

  • Blessed Nicolai prophesied that Mihail “the marked one” (Gorbachev) will restructure Russia in such a way that there will be no rule any more and everyone will do as he pleases (democracy?). Everyone will steal everything he/she can. It is worth mentioning that after the fall of Ceausescu in Romania the same thing happened, everyone stole as much as he/she could and his/her position would facilitate!
  • The 5 pointed star will be replaced by the 6 pointed start through a cunning move designed to deceive. This is the same thing Blessed Arsenie Boca of Romania prophesied. (observation: please note the importance of the 5 pointed star in a number of very important prophecies, it is crucial to understand that just like the Cross is an essential sign in Orthodox Christianity, so the devil has his own signs). Blessed Nicolai said that the 6 pointed star would be replacing the 5 pointed one just before the coming of the antichrist, and will even replace the cross on the holy bread.
  • The antichrist will be present at the 8th Synod (currently planned for 2016!)
  • The antichrist will appear when Lenin will be buried (no need to mention his corpse was likened to the incorrupt bodies of the saints by Mr Putin just 2 years ago).
  • The last Orthodox patriarch of Russia was Pimen († 1990), the ones after would be masons. Read and understand!
  • The importance of the total biometric identification and electronic identity cards in the kingdom of the antichrist (yes, something Moscow has fully embraced and is currently implementing!)
  • The initial form of the mark of the beast will be as papers (passports etc), then as plastic cards, so it gets widely accepted, and then replaced with the final “stamp”.
  • He prophesied the invention of the computer which he called the “beast”, well before computers would be invented, that it would look like a TV and would know and file everything about everyone.
  • He said that the vast majority of the clerics will be sold to the antichrist. A calamity coming upon the Church will make things even more evident concerning this aspect, and a great confusion on whom to believe in the Church will come and create a great schism – many will have different opinions and it will be impossible to choose who to believe.
  • In the times of antichrist, the icons on the walls in the churches will be replaced with the icon of the antichrist. (would that explain why so many modern churches today are not painted?)
  • Blessed Nicolai said that Moscow (the city) will burn in a few hours.
  • Just like other Holy Fathers, he said the big war will come from China, and that first it will be the war and then the antichrist, but before this, an Orthodox tsar will be restored in Russia, if Russia will truly repent!
  • St Seraphim of Sarov will be resurrected for a few hours and will preach, after which he will lay down again, and then the antichrist will come.

Watch very carefully at min 46:08 for a few seconds!

So knowing all this, should we be surprised about what is happening at the top of the Orthodox Church?


Here we have it all, in a short article everything is covered, everything we talked about in the past: liberation theology (or known as christian communism) in the form of the church taking on the mission of preaching a “social gospel”, social justice, environmental justice, making a common front in fighting against injustice and iniquity … etc …

Quotes: the pontiff (Pope Francis) took part in an Orthodox liturgy at the Church of St. George in the Phanar, the headquarters of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which provided him with a platform to lay out his ecumenical vision.

Instead, Francis on Sunday laid out a version of the argument for ecumenism that might be called a social gospel — a Christian peace-and-justice agenda.

He then ticked off three reasons why Orthodox and Catholics should come together: to defend the poor, to end war and heal conflicts, and to help young people to see past materialism and to embrace a “true humanism.”

It’s instructive to compare the pope’s vision with the arguments laid out by a prominent Russian Orthodox leader who was invited to address a recent Synod of Bishops in the Vatican. On that occasion, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s department for external church relations, argued that Orthodox believers and Catholics must stand should-to-shoulder against the secular tide.

Hilarion called on Orthodox and Catholics “to join efforts and come out as a united front for the noble goal of protecting the family when confronted by the challenges of the secular world.”

It’s an approach that’s congenial to Bartholomew, who among other things has been dubbed the “Green Patriarch” for his strong environmental concern.

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