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Quotes from the Holy Fathers – June 2013

“CONCERNING this super-essential and hidden Deity we must not presume to speak, nor even to think, beyond that which has been Divinely revealed to us in the sacred Scriptures, for, as Itself has, in Its Goodness, taught us concerning Itself, the knowledge and contemplation of Its essential Nature is beyond the reach of all things.” Hieromartyr Dionysius the Areopagite, + 96 A.D.

“WE CRY in faith: Holy God, that is the Father; Holy Mighty, that is the Son and Word, for he has bound the mighty devil and made him who had dominion over death powerless through the Cross and He has given us life by trampling on him; Holy Immortal, that is the Holy Spirit, the Giver of life, through Whom all creation is made alive and cries out, Have mercy on us.” Saint Germanus of Constantinople, + 733 A.D.

“IT IS the Holy Trinity that is the treasure (see 2 Cor. 4:7) we possess, as has been said, by the exact keeping of all the commandments, and Who possesses us completely through His love for mankind, His power and His grace. He guards and protects us on every side inviolate, stable and unshaken. Even though we are weak and unsteady and briefly fail or fall, yet He Who is our treasure holds us and unites us to Himself and makes us cleave to Himself. He fills up all that is lacking in us, and makes us firmer and more solid.” Ven. Simeon the New Theologian, + 1022 A.D.

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