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Peace and tolerance?

“Julian” (the apostate), “now that he was emperor, thought he could do as he liked. The [pagan] temples were opened and sacrifices were brought to their altars. To make the ordinance of the restoration of the old gods more effective, Julian summoned to the palace the Christian bishops, who were far from being of one mind and were divided by schism.” [These were the divisions between the Arians, the pseudo- or moderate Arians, and the Orthodox(my comment)]. “He warned them in polite terms to lay aside their differences and allow every man to practise his belief boldly without hindrance. His motive in insisting on this tolerance was that he knew that such a program would intensify the divisions among the Christians. Julian believed he would then no longer have to fear from public opinion at the reinstatement of paganism and its rites.” From the Synaxarion. 22.3. St Basil of Ancyra

Is there anyone today that profits by the doctrine of complete and indiscriminatory “tolerance”? The Arians still exist (in many protestant doctrines). Other heresies have been added… Today, we all are asked to happily love one another, regardless of any “doctrinal differences”.

Like Julian the Apostate, the modern world proclaims food and drink, enjoyment and hedonism – and young and old are deceived by these earthly joys, because they are all flesh… Even Christians have long ago stopped denying themselves. Their Bishops tell them to stop fasting!

Julian knew Christianity intimately. He was raised in it, and knew how to fight it, where its weaknesses were.

Will not the antichrist likewise know the traditions and prophesies, and also how poorly the Christians actually adhere to the teachings of the Saviour….? Will he not know how ignorant they are of TRUE spiritual life, and how thirsty they are for sensationalism?

The only defense is to take up a serious spiritual life! With humility and self-denial, with firm faith and perfect love, with long-suffering and forgiveness, we may come to understanding and discern the true state if our souls, and the world, of the rulers, and the Churches.

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