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Dear Fr Herman (Podmoshensky),

we did not personally know you, but we talked to you over the phone, some time ago, and we wrote you a few letters to which you replied so kindly and timely. Those days seem like yesterday, and those words still sound as clear today as they did back then. The only difference is that today we are still here, not knowing what awaits us, while you are celebrating together with Christ’s saints. Here we are writing you our last letter. When you were still in this world, you suffered a lot for our stubbornness and on top of that you had to put up with all the impious ones. Father Seraphim Rose, your Blessed companion for so many years, once wrote something like this: when all around you start to praise and honour you, there must be something wrong with yourself because it means you are part of this world …

In this apostate world, being able to remain an ordinary man is indeed extraordinary ! What can we say about a virtuous faithful in the Lord ? The ones under the dominion of satan would go completely crazy, struggling to formulate as many tricks as possible, to pull down any Orthodox role model ! Our dear Father Herman, you were one of those few who brought thousands and thousands to the Faith, showing them the Real Path to Salvation! This material and demented world could change, of course, if WE had the will to change, but nothing like this is happening: we are still hypnotized by virtual images, we are still following untruthful leaders, and we are still choosing to go on the worldly path to perdition !

Father Herman, you had the courage to be different, an extraordinary disciple of Christ, showing to everyone the narrow Path of Salvation, which is given by the Orthodox Church. “Russian Pilgrim”, the magazine that you edited for so many years, is yet more evidence of your struggle of teaching us about the true Spirituality that we have lost. Obviously, this world will perish sooner or later, but while we still live on this earth we must hope that through great intercessors like you, God our Lord will show His great mercy, and show us how to lead a fruitful life ourselves, so we could rejoice into the Heavenly Realm, where you Father Herman, lastly, will be finding the eternal peace, together with ALL your co-workers into Christ !!!

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