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God is the answer

“During the time when disorder arose in the Holy Church of God, people were expecting that some persons who had no communion with Her (i.e. the Holy Church) would be ordained, due to the command of the Emperor. In turn, it was expected that a persecution would arise. Then, some Christ-loving men asked the Great

The Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

The Holy Church celebrates the Holy Martyrs of Sebaste every Great Lent. And every day of the year, the daily readings from the Octoechos, or the Triodion, include prayers to the innumerable Martyrs of the Church throughout all times, who now offer up supplication before the Heavenly Altar of God for the us Christians on

St Macarius the Great – Homily 5

“For Christians have a different world of their own, another table, other raiment, another sort of enjoyment, other fellowship, another frame of mind; for which reason they are superior to other men.” – St Macarius the Great. Homily 5. Instead, we see how modern Christians, without understanding, follow the unbelieving multitudes in lifestyle, thinking this