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St Symeon the New Theologian on Obedience

“Therefore, whatsovere is in agreement with the commandments of God and the apostolic canons and ordinances, you are obliged to hearken to them and obey your spiritual father, as to the Christ. Whatsoever is outside of the divine commandments and the laws of the Church, not only are you not to obey when ordered by him, but do not even incline if an angel should descend from out of heaven and speak to thee those things outside of what has been handed down to us by the apostles and their successors…”

The flock needs to be attentive.

Many modern Bishops and Priests demand obedience to themselves in teachings and practices which are not according to the apostolic tradition, nor according to the canons of the Church.

The modern (at best lukewarm, and at worst God-fighting) “Orthodox” pastors proclaim “canonical!” “uncanonical!” and “illegal!”, knowing that their flock is not attentive. The flock is occupied with worldly cares and is lukewarm in faith. The people are easy to scare with words.

Let us rather follow St Symeon. He teaches that each Christian must KNOW what the apostolic canons and ordinances are, and obey them.

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