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Prayer to the Holy Martyrs and Confessors of Romania who suffered in communist extermination camps

Dedicated to the one year commemoration of Elder Iustin Parvu joining with all the saints and martyrs confessors against Communism into the Kingdom of Christ. Memory Eternal !

O, Holy Martyrs and Confessors of Christ, who in camps and persecutions, through the many sufferings stopped the mad enemy which in anger fought against the Church of Christ, to you who suffered of hunger, frost, tortures, humility and torments of all kinds for defending the True Faith, we bring to you our gratitude!

As you are the ones who died for the salvation of your Orthodox people, and now that with the angels and the archangels you rejoice in the everlasting light of the Heavenly Kingdom, we pray for your intercessions to the Almighty and Merciful God to forgive us of our offences and to preserve us and His Holy Church of invasions, lack of faith and the war from within.

O, Holy Martyrs and Confessors of Christ, direct us forever on endurance, love and to the path of salvation, to be firm and united until the end of our lives, into the Right Faith!

Thus, o Holy Martyrs and Confessors of Christ, who in your tightens and sufferings from your earthly lives asked for help from the Heavenly Realm, we the unrighteous ones beg you to receive our prayers in this hour, and to preserve us from the folly of this age and from the wickedness of the adversary, like us on the narrow path full of torments to become fearless and to confess Christ in any moment, for the Glory of God and the salvation of our fatherland and the Orthodox. Amin.


The true confessors of Christ bravely stood against satan’s schemes, and not even persecution, nor jail, neither torture, not even heavy chains frightened them, but with power from Above they guarded the Faith and their nation. Through their prayers, Lord Christ God, save our souls.

Kontakion 1

On the Witnesses of Christ, the ornament of our Church, on the ones who in extermination camps tortures and mockeries endured, the true soldiers of the Lord who with the power of the Cross made the servants of the devil ashamed, and from Heaven they pray for us, with love we praise them, saying: Rejoice, you Holy Confessors and Martyrs who in prisons went up to the Golgotha of the Orthodox!

Ikos 1

From the icon and the altar you have started to walk, Holy Confessor and Martyrs, to defend the Orthodox and the nation from the plague which came from the East, and not even the persecution and the prison did not frighten you, and with strength you stand against the scheming of the evil one, for which we joyfully commend you, saying thing as these:

Rejoice, lily pure souls, un-chained,
Rejoice, that this fragrance no pain could have stained,
Rejoice, that you wanted to break the nation bondage a flood,
Rejoice, that the soil of the country you founded with blood,
Rejoice, that Christ’s enemies persecuted you on the fast lane,
Rejoice, that vendors of the nation hit you, as you were in pain,
Rejoice, that being crushed you have risen again,
Rejoice, that thoughts to your dead brought strength to you,
Rejoice, that your life was praying, weeping and you could go through,
Rejoice, that burnt offerings were your sacrifice,
Rejoice, that the Archangel’s gift shadowed you from Paradise,
Rejoice, that you became victorious by the power of the Cross,
Rejoice, you Holy Confessors and Martyrs who in prisons went up to the Golgotha of the Orthodox!

Kontakion 5

Satan himself drew closer, wishing to kill you, o Holy Confessors and Martyrs, in the dark prison of Pitesti, and the most evil torturer was paid to crush your souls and he was yelling: “If Christ was into my grasp, He couldn’t get to His Cross and wouldn’t get Resurrected. I am the true gospel! And I write it on your corpses just now!” And you, Saints of Christ, having no other hope but God, to Him in tears you sang: Aliluia!

Ikos 5

The angels in Heaven hid their faces not enduring the madness of the ones hating God, as on Great Friday, with sick mockery, a young man you crucified on the wall and with savage strikes you killed him, and bricks trembled of the tortured ones who shouted in pain, and the hole in the ground swallowed broken flesh and blood, but in that deep hell God gave you strength, so we can praise you saying things as these:

Rejoice, martyrs who endured so much to go through
Rejoice, that beasts with human faces hit you,
Rejoice, that your heads were stricken with sharp rods
Rejoice, that your fingers with pliers were broken wads
Rejoice, that under feet with hate you were crushed
Rejoice, that in knees, with hands bound to eat you were rushed
Rejoice, that salt as food was given to set you ablaze
Rejoice, that you lack water for so many days
Rejoice, that pains beyond limits you had to endure
Rejoice, that you were like the Great Martyrs and pure
Rejoice, that you with your bodies to sufferance were tested
Rejoice, that your souls grew and bore superb fruits that nested
Rejoice, you Holy Confessors and Martyrs who in prisons went up to the Golgotha of the Orthodox!

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