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Elder Paisios – About Orthodoxy

A dialogue between Elder Paisios and a group of pilgrims:
-What is the difference between Orthodox and Catholics?
-Can you see this house?
-Yes, I can.
-If you remove the mortar that existed between the stones, what will keep them together? This is what Catholics did. They removed the reinforcement and weakened the foundation of the church.
-Gheronda, but what happens with the Protestants? Father Placide asked.
– They were “smarter”. They even removed the little stones placed between the great stones, and now they try to make them prop one another. But this means that their building foundation does not exist.

Thus, in few and simple words, the Abbot spoke about the major topics and dogmatic differences.”

Translation from acvilaortodoxa.wordpress.com from the book “The venerable Elder Paisios of Mount Athos – Testimonials of the worshipers”

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