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Blessed Iustin Parvu’s deathbed prophecy

Five days before his repose in The Lord on June 16 2013, Blessed Iustin Parvu made a chilling prophecy to a number of his spiritual children:

“Father, you know the issue with the new health care cards (with a microchip), they have not yet been introduced, but they will still be required in the near future. What would you recommend to a parent who’s child is critically ill and requires surgery, should they do it, otherwise the child would die? In order to have him operated, he will need to take the new card with the chip otherwise they will not hospitalize him. What should the parent do? Father Iustin replied in a very sober voice, raising his hands in sign of protest: “No, do not let him die. I can not take this decision. Do not take extreme measures just yet. This chip is not the mark of the beast, the final disavowal of Christ has not arrived yet… Everyone should act according to their conscience. Keep fighting against it (the microchipped healthcare card) in unity and in every way you can, but do not take extreme measures yet. There are still 12 months left … and Father stopped abruptly. We asked: “12 months and the microchip will not be required any more”? “No,” Blessed Iustin replied, there are 12 more months while you can still enjoy freedom, and then it shall be taken away, and disaster will strike ….

Original article posted on the Petru Voda monastery’s magazine (in Romanian)

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