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ITS COOL (and soul saving), TO BE OF ORIGINAL CHRISTIANITY: Orthodoxy

Source: http://www.aoiusa.org/russia-and-the-west-have-swapped-spiritual-and-cultural-roles/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork The following extract from an article by Iben Thranholm, is one of the most important journalistic writings of the twenty-first century published in the West. Key points: Russians are returning to Christianity in a “modern and contemporary context” “They are familiar with the bitter fruit of atheism and have no appetite for the

Statement of the Secretariat of the Holy Synod of Antioch

Balamand, 27 June 2016 At the end of the seventh extraordinary session which begun on May 25th 2016, the Holy Synod of Antioch convened on June 27, 2016 in Balamand. The Synod was presided by His Beatitude Patriarch John X, with the participation of the Bishops of the Holy See of Antioch, The fathers congratulated

Heresy, the sin against the Holy Spirit

In todays Christianity the questions of whether various denominations have grace or not, and to what degree, are being asked more than ever. Let us therefore try to put out a simple argument on why there is no grace outside the Orthodox Church. There are many Holy Fathers stating this exact position, but there are

Open letter to the Holy Pan Orthodox Synod of 2016*

Holy Hierarchs of the Pan Orthodox Synod, Let us start by remembering our Holiness Metropolitan Paul Saliba of the Antiochian Orthodox Church of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Let us also remember the founders of our Holy Mission, Holy Metropolitan Philaret of New York, Fr Vladimir Evsukoff, Archbishop John Maximovic the founder of the

Contemporary Fathers on the Pan Orthodox Council

The Pan Orthodox Council today is no different to the Council Of Florence in the 15th century. Those who were opposed to it then (and they were few, only one Bishop – St Mark of Ephesus) were right, and justified by later synods. Those who oppose the Pan Orthodox Synod today are right as well,

The chiliastic end of the upcoming Pan-Orthodox Synod

While everyone is focusing on point 8 of the upcoming Pan-Orthodox synod (the inter-confessional relations), an equally important issue is being completely overlooked, but it is just as important, if not even more important – point 10. In essence, the adoption of this point would mean re-defining the mission of the Church towards an earthly

Patriarchate of Bulgaria on the Pan-Orthodox Synod and the appearance of heresy as a gift from God so that Orthodoxy can be proclaimed

http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/91327.htm The opposition to the Pan Orthodox Synod scheduled for June 2016 is growing. This is indeed encouraging. Let us pray for those that choose to stand for the Truth, it is not too late now, but it will be too late after June. When the Synod is concluded it will be much clearer to

Patriarch of Georgia rejects ecumenist document set to be adopted at the Pan Orthodox Synod in June

A serios spanner has been thrown into the works of the upcoming heretical synod. Whether this leads to anoyher postponement, or the gathering goes ahead without Georgia remains to be seen. The 83 year old Patriarch Ilia II is holding a strong stance and all our prayers are with him and his clergy. May God

Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol Stands for The Truth

In an open letter to the Synod of Cyprus, Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol points out some of the heresies that are to be adopted at the coming Pan Orthodox Synod of 2016. We hope and pray that others may take his example and come forth in this matter of utmost importance. Original article: http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/90619.htm In

The Heretical Pan-Orthodox Synod of 2016

“Brothers at last”, it was proclaimed by Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill, after recently signing the Havana declaration. This marks the moment when it has become all clear. Patriarch Kirill has shown us what will be widely adopted at the coming “Holy” Pan-Orthodox Synod taking place between 19th and 27th of June 2016 – a

Epilogue …

http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/51206 Here is what Mr Putin has just said, as published on the Kremlin’s website: “I have always liked communist and socialist ideas. If we consider the Code of the Builder of Communism that was widely published in the Soviet Union, it strongly resembles the Bible. This is not a joke; it was actually an excerpt from the Bible. It spoke of good things: equality, fraternity, happiness. However, the practical

“The Resistance” and the False Unity

If the devil asked you to join him in exchange of his promise to help you defeat your enemy, would you do it? If you have seen the latest Star Wars episode, “The Force Awakens” you would be familiar by now with the new buzz word “The Resistance” and its meaning: the gathering of all forces

A Thought on Ecumenism

Have you ever wondered what Ecumenism really is and what is its true nature? Let us try to answer the question this way: Communism means serving the Common Good. Likewise, a Spiritual form of Communism means serving the Common God, since the idea of “Good” and “Goodness” in the material world is perceived by many

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

This is the “slogan” that best characterizes today’s politics everywhere. For a moment we dared to hope! We dared to hope because Russia seemed to turn course and start to oppose the advance of lawlessness. Our hopes today are suffering a setback again. It is hard to understand why Russia would adopt such a strategy.

A turning point?

In spite of our position which is mostly critical of Moscow’s current political authority, we would be wrong if we did not give credit where credit is due. The stance Russia has taken in Syria by choosing to stand against the lawless West is no little thing. What Russia has done goes against the wave

The World’s New Hero

Over the course of the last few years we have strived to show you, our dear reader, how the efforts were increasingly being made to buid the image of a new, “Orthodox” world leader who would rise on the background of the iniquities of the West. Here we are now, with everyone acknowledging Mr Putin

Same Sex Marriage and Ecumenism

Same Sex Marriage (SSM) is a political ploy designed to push Ecumenism and unity in face of iniquity, as we have shown in many articles before. The subject of SSM tackled separately from Ecumenism denotes lack of understanding of the big picture, no matter who it is that brings up the debate, be it some so called “Christian

Mr. Putin and Islam

It is becoming quite clear, Mr Putin does many good things, like opposing gay marriage, opposing GM foods etc, but it might be so only to try to “convince” those who still can’t make up their minds on whether Mr Putin is a true Orthodox leader or something else. Elder Hristofor foretold, as presented in

Why has the Legionary Movement been outlawed by the Romanian political authorities?

The truth about the ”anti-legionary law”, entered into force in Romania: a totalitarian law which legitimizes the sentences of the “People’s Courts” from the Stalinist-Bolshevik era On Thursday, June 24, 2015, the Chamber of Deputies passed the Law no. 217/2015, amending and supplementing the Government Emergency Ordinance no.31/2002 on the ban of organizations and symbols

Repentance or Vain Glory?

Again, a good thing appears to be done for the all the wrong reasons in Russia. While commemorating all the victims of communism is a good thing, it is not an act of repentance as long as it is done for gaining earthly glory and recognition. The main motive behind this move is, as clearly

In Defence of the Romanian Orthodox Church of the Old Calendar

Before we start, please allow us to state that we have no ties to the Romanian Orthodox Church of the Old Calendar (ROCOC), but we have been following the controversy about whether they are or are not Canonical. The efforts of World Orthodoxy to convince everyone that ROCOC (and those alike) are in fact uncanonical

On the cusp of the biggest financial crisis in history

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/11805523/Doomsday-clock-for-global-market-crash-strikes-one-minute-to-midnight-as-central-banks-lose-control.html Every now and then the mainstream media warns us. Those following the financial news know this is close. The ever-increasing desperation in the markets, coupled with the more and more evident central banks panicked interventions to make everything appear normal cannot last much longer. This coming crisis is not ordinary, but one that will

Is The Pope the Antichrist?

Short answer: No! Some ideas stemming from the perverted understanding of the End Times of the Apostate West are trying to suggest the Pope may be the antichrist. http://www.barnhardt.biz/2015/07/09/it-is-now-appropriate-to-begin-serious-discussions-as-to-whether-pope-francis-is-in-fact-the-antichrist/ Instead, the Pope better resembles the False Prophet, who has come to preach a new doctrine, a new teaching: Liberation Theology, to herald the dawn of

Why Greece crisis won’t end well

Greece should have said NO to Europe a long time ago. Now Greece seems to be have been set up and sacrificed on the altar of the “unity in face of the iniquity” plan. The entire Orthodoxy is being pushed into the arms of Mr Vladimir Putin, and the unanimity for next years Pan-Orthodox synod

Metropolitan Hilarion confirms “historic meeting” is on the near future agenda

It becomes very clear that a Russian Patriarchate is only waiting for the “right time” to bring forth the “well prepared” for, “historic moment”. When might this be? Maybe when the whole world is in complete chaos due to widespread economic collapse – then the urgency of unity in face of iniquity (financial) may far