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“The Resistance” and the False Unity

If the devil asked you to join him in exchange of his promise to help you defeat your enemy, would you do it?

If you have seen the latest Star Wars episode, “The Force Awakens” you would be familiar by now with the new buzz word “The Resistance” and its meaning: the gathering of all forces opposed to “The Empire” and its evil ways. From the big screen to the blogosphere, the message is the same. Take for example the following blog:


Some praise it as “brilliant”, or “awakening”. What does this mean? Browsing through their website would quickly reveal they align themselves with “the resistance”. Here is what they recently stated:

“I do, however, feel that this type of “cross pollination” between very difference voices of the resistance against Empire is very important because it creates a sense of community.  Sure, we already have a vibrant Saker Community out there, but I hope that our community can further reach out and participate in the creation of a wider community of very different people united by their opposition to the Empire.  I think of this notion as a “resistance network“.”


The “resistance” has taken different forms in recent times, one that immediately comes to mind being “Occupy Wall Street”. The same idea of “The Resistance” against “The Empire” (the West) reveals itself again. Hmm … is Hollywood playing with your mind again?

The most important danger to Orthodoxy we have been striving to outline is partaking into this common front, uniting with all the heretics against iniquity and calamity, for the “common good (or goal)”, showing this was exactly how the Ecumenist end of World Orthodoxy was going to manifest.

Reading more through the articles on the website mentioned above one can easily notice that one of their main objectives seems to also be defending Moscow from the attacks of the West, who do accuse Russia unjustly. Make no mistake, this is true, Russia is falsely and unjustly being blamed for many of the iniquities done by the West, but most fail to see that this could just be part of whitewashing of an unrepented regime – naturally, seeing so much injustice being done by the West people will inevitably take Moscow’s side.

Yet, this plan may not yield the desired results after all. Let’s look at what has happened recently and understand why: literally a week after Mr Putin officiated the opening of the Grand Mosque in Moscow (in Sept 2015), Russia got dragged into a war with Turkey, who’s president Mr Erdogan had just attended the ceremony. Some invisible force seems to have hooked them (the Russians) by the jaw, dragging them into a war.

Out of this war much will change in Russia, Moscow shall be destroyed in one hour, and little will resemble to what is Russia today. The new Russia shall not be part of any alliance like BRICS as envisioned by “Putin’s Rasputin” (Alexandr Dugin), but it shall go the righteous way, led by a Tsar – that is what our Holy Fathers have prophesied (see the prophecies of Blessed Nicolai Rogozin).

So how do we guard against this false awakening, false unity? First, avoid blogs like those of “the resistance” that seem to be purely political, with no Orthodox context or content. The approach they seems to take is to look at things exclusively from a political rather that spiritual perspective, assuming the political developments were purely driven by political motives – nothing farther from the truth. Overlooking the Ecumenist and Charismatic world-wide efforts and only looking at political developments cannot explain the world events in their true manifestation. Equally, if the blog is “Orthodox”, then look if their message is Ecumenist. If it is, avoid it.

Generally, this is how a false unity works: people are drawn together by a “common goal”, fighting a “common enemy”, against their differences in ideologies or beliefs. In other words, this “common goal” becomes prevalent over the Truth they were entrusted to preserve. Today some invisible power seems to be forcing all to sit down together and find “common ground” through negotiation, a process in which compromise is inevitable.

In Orthodoxy, true unity is achieved in a different way: someone states the truth the way it is, unchanged, unaltered, uncompromised, with authority. Those who hear the truth shall recognize it and join into confessing it. That is how Orthodoxy always survived and how unity was maintained. Take the example of St Maximus the Confessor, or that of  St Mark of Ephesus: he was the only bishop who did not sign the treasonous Unity of Florence accord. How did the unity of Orthodoxy manifest? Those who later saw their own error openly confessed it and denounced their mistake in a synod, uniting themselves back with the Orthodox Church in Truth (which only existed through the one person at that time). This is how unity in Orthodoxy works – and there is a big difference between this and how unity is being pushed through today. As long as at least one Orthodox authority still confesses the truth, the Church continues to exists and everyone is called to unite with Her.

To better illustrate this principle, let us give you the following example from your local Church. Many Churches today are organized in a “democratic” way, being ruled by “councils” and “general assemblies”. People in those councils, seeing deception manifest one way or another, should first and foremost remember that they need to serve Christ before anything else. If they see things are being steered away from The Truth, they should not sacrifice their duty to confess The Truth for the sake of getting others to agree – rather, they should state their positions first and then wait for others to join in to their cause. Trying to get the others to sit down and negotiate a compromise will never serve the unity of the Church in Truth.

Understanding of these aspects of our Orthodox Faith is essential for understanding the difference between True Orthodoxy and Spiritual Communism.

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