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A Thought on Ecumenism

Have you ever wondered what Ecumenism really is and what is its true nature?

Let us try to answer the question this way:

Communism means serving the Common Good. Likewise, a Spiritual form of Communism means serving the Common God, since the idea of “Good” and “Goodness” in the material world is perceived by many as “God” in the spiritual sense.

The Red Beast of the Apocalypse is returning, now in a spiritualized form. If the purpose of Communism was to enslave Man, the purpose of Ecumenism is to enslave his Soul. Ecumenism is thus the spiritual form of Communism.

Today’s false spiritual awakening is all based on finding common ground, towards forming a common front for achieving the common goal of defeating a common enemy …

Those opposing Ecumenism today are like those that opposed Communism yesterday. It is the same battle, continued at a higher level – the battle for Man’s soul. This is the reason why most of today’s Orthodox authorities are reluctant to glorify the holy martirs confessors against communism (at least in Romania), as this will make today’s confessors efforts look legitimate and expose themselves for the truth they are trying to cover. Those countries that did glorify their martirs stand a better chance of coming back to their senses than those that did not – let us pray that this may indeed happen.

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