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On the cusp of the biggest financial crisis in history


Every now and then the mainstream media warns us. Those following the financial news know this is close. The ever-increasing desperation in the markets, coupled with the more and more evident central banks panicked interventions to make everything appear normal cannot last much longer.

This coming crisis is not ordinary, but one that will lead to universal bondage and slavery. Those who used the crisis seven years ago as a wakeup call and prepared, acted wisely.

Many of the clergy know of this coming crisis as well. We have heard of one Bishop saying “do you think I don’t know there is another crisis coming”? Many of them are there only specifically to prepare for this event. People will become desperate and looking for answers. Churches will go bankrupt like everyone else, their moneys will be lost in the banking collapse and depositor bail-ins. It will become impossible to be a big Church and survive in the system without having to compromise. These clergy have been trying to stir congregations and Church councils in certain directions in preparation for what is to come. Where some may appear as having failed, they have probably considered it was better to wait for a “more favourable time”, like this coming crisis. Poor people who tried to rezist hostile takeovers will be run over, and in the end all bricks shall be given to the worldly authority.

There are of course still Bishops and clergy who are genuinely unsuspecting. Let us pray for them that they make wise decisions in the trying times ahead, and stand ready to support them!

A Church that wants to survive has to be ready to give up everything, materially. It is the Living Church that must be saved at all cost!

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