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Same Sex Marriage and Ecumenism

Same Sex Marriage (SSM) is a political ploy designed to push Ecumenism and unity in face of iniquity, as we have shown in many articles before. The subject of SSM tackled separately from Ecumenism denotes lack of understanding of the big picture, no matter who it is that brings up the debate, be it some so called “Christian Lobby Group” or anyone from an official Orthodox Church.

SSM is a subject all religions agree on, be it Orthodoxy, Catholocism, Protentantism or Islam – they all condemn it. Even the Pope recently criticized the US Congress for passively accepting such a perversion. Who is then pushing for it? It is the political that does it! Why? The hidden goal is to mobilize all religions to unite in a common front against this abomination that seems to be the one that once is enacted brings about God’s wrath without delay. The Devil knows this and is exploiting the ignorance of the lukewarm believers in order to unite all those that oppose it. Strive to find the Truth beyond the lukewarmness, for lukewarmness gives you only half of the picture! “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” (Rev 3:16)

Be therefore aware of genuine confession about this abomination – whomever you listen to speaking on the subject should not separate it from the subject of Ecumenism. If they do look at things in isolation then they do not really understand the big picture, and they are only lukewarm in their faith. Whatever the subject being debated is, whether it is SSM or ISIS, or whatever else may come, please consider this: if it is it being looked at in isolation from Ecumenism then it is not worth heeding to, for everything that is happening today in the world is for this particular purpose of false unity …

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