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All labor, every square inch of ground, every grain of wheat… A Prophecy from 15th Century

“Each person will be registered; not only every facet of his affairs and his life, but his every word, every movement of his mental faculties will be under constant surveillance so that he will lose the habit of thinking for himself out of fear that the expression on his face might involuntarily reflect something incompatible

Why doctors behave like evolutionist teachers?

Straight away we can answer the above question: it is so, because present-time doctors were once students and they had evolutionist ‘professionals’ as their teachers! Nowadays, it becomes more difficult to identify what is wrong with the medical procedures, when sick people are getting sicker, not better! To start with something palpable, we listed below

An Old Tale and New Reality

from Orthodox Life magazine 1990 #5 “We are born to actualize a fairy tale.” (from a song popular (in the U.S.S.R.) in the 1930’s) In 1946, an extremely interesting book by Vladimir Propp was published: Morphology of the Folktale.  Having studied a huge amount of such literature, the author discovered two subjects which consistently appeared

Teaching Reproduction vs. Sexual ‘Education’

(or anomalies that you need to hate, for NOT welcoming the antichrist)   How wonderful is our Lord God in His creation! Except that we are so sinful that we become surrounded by death and destruction. It is a state of war across the whole world, and this is the time when each of us

The Orthodox of Western Stock…

We want to offend no one with the following notes, but it will be likely that such things could occur… hopefully, for readers’ benefit! We are living a crooked life which is not on the path of Salvation, Orthodoxy, but on the one of damnation through the spirit of this world! We are playing with

The Orthodox Women

These four ‘un-canonized’ Holy Saints were martyred during the first half of the 20th century, by the anti-Christ servants who wanted to make Orthodox Romania their dwelling place… A great number of Orthodox faithful joined the Legion of Archangel Michael, a unique brotherhood of our modern times which was founded by Holy Martyr and Confessor

To Judge or not To Judge

Luke 6:37 – “Judge not, and you shall not be judged: condemn not, and you shall not be condemned”. Too often we hear, “oh, you are judging” as the label used most to quickly put you in your place when you say something that is contrary to someone else’s beliefs or against authority (and this

The Game Theory

Before we start, let us quickly look at the Game Theory definition: “Game theory is a branch of mathematics that represents interdependent decision making. By “interdependent decision” making I mean situations (arguably most, if not all, of those we face in life) where the outcomes of one’s decision depends on decisions made by others. One

Medicine and The Fallen Man

The wicked Aldous Huxley: “Medicine is so ahead of its time that nobody is healthy anymore” The doctor usually tells you to follow some tests for measuring your glycemic index, to indentify the amount of Magnesium in your body, to monitor your blood pressure and pulse, and to keep an eye on your weight, but

The film of your life !

A horrible ‘film’ of the latest imagination:  “Thousands of zombies actually survived the atomic bombs dropped in the Southern hemisphere. Gorgeous! Also, Stockholm went down, really, through a sink hole but one day later, through legalising euthanasia at UN, ALL the elderly above a certain age in the whole world, freed for good! Is it

The Sons of Man and The Sons of God

An article by Florin Stuparu, translated from Romanian, with a few annotations. Our note: We highly recommend this as a rare piece of ennobling literature that can really open the minds and hearts of the believers to the truth of Orthodoxy! http://saccsiv.wordpress.com/2014/11/07/florin-stuparu-despre-fii-lui-dumnezeu-despre-fiicele-oamenilor-despre-uriasi-si-despre-antihrist/ “The sons of God saw that the daughters of man were beautiful, and

The ‘latest’ from roman-catholics…

Let us try to summarize the main points of the very recent talk given by a guest-speaker, a ‘theologian’ of this new world, to a large bunch of people working under the roman-catholic ‘supervision’. The briefing of each important part of this talk will be followed immediately by corrections in this article, so the reader

Keep your mind on Hades and despair not

“If someone is teaching you outside of the things which the Holy Church received from the Holy Apostles, Fathers and Synods and preserved up till now, do not listen to him…, close your ears.” (St. John Damascene) “The positive teaching of the Church serves to know whether a concept is from the Truth. This is

On Democracy

We thought writing down a few thoughts on this subject may be helpful in these times of great confusion. So much has been written on democracy and how it it is the perfect system of governance that we think a few clarifications are necessary. By definition a democracy is a set of principles, based on

Central Banking, Fiat Money and Orthodoxy

One important question the world has always striven to answer has been: “how should society be organized here in this fallen world, what is the best model to structure it”? From an Orthodox point of view the answer is simple: according to Divine Law and in such a way that man can still find his

Evolution – The Fake Truth

This essay was written in Oct 2013 by a 9th grade student named A. K. Everything We Know Is a Lie There is no proof for evolution! It has to be believed, therefore it’s a faith, and therefore it’s a religion! So they’re teaching a new compulsory religion in today’s hallowed halls of higher learning.

Have a party !

The type of distraction giving some rest to workers (slaves?), very common now in all lands, has an infantile profile, especially NOT from a political correctness standpoint. Such events have also warming-up outcomes for many people, but the calculated ‘timing’ itself is just dangerous to the soul, if not transparently demonic! On the other hand,

About the un-Orthodox Lesson of the Day

About the un-Orthodox Lesson of the Day Let us try to look at a few ‘backgrounds’, as found in modern education, today. Primarily, we have large common areas fitted with big windows, colourful surfaces almost everywhere and the very ordinary geometrical shapes of the furniture where the numerous wireless devices are worshiped by all. Spying

Spying and Lying

We all know that there are two types of deeds, the good ones and the evil ones. In any of the events of helping a neighbour to open a blocked gate or not helping somebody who is to collapse in front of a moving vehicle, God forbid, one has to decide why a given action

The Feast of the Dormition

The grave and death could not hold the Mother of God, who is sleepless in her intercessions and an unchanging hope in her mediations. For as the Mother of Life she was transferred to life by Him Who dwelt in her ever-virgin womb. (Kontakion for the Feast) The last of the twelve great feasts in

In Memoriam – Dumitru Bordeianu (16 Aug 2002)

DUMITRU BORDEIANU 15/28 August 1921 – 3/16 August 2002 A Warrior of Christ It is worth to note that badia Dumitru knew Fr Iustin Parvu personally who he met in the communist prisons. Fr Iustin Parvu had a special place at the Petru Voda monastery where he kept badia’s picture, some earth from his grave

“For the Love of this World”?

The number of dramatic events in the world, with many deaths, increased so much in the last years that there is not one single day without such episodes… All mechanisms, machines, tools, factories and vehicles started to malfunction or rather to ‘disobey’ to the level of explosions and destructions with horrible consequences. In the same

Calligraphy and Freedom

The Calligraphy class, that is the learning of writing beautifully from early years of schooling, disappeared and have been replaced by the typing lessons. A few years ago, a colleague told us that he was so happy when coming across with news that the handwriting will be fully replaced by typewriting in schools, very soon.

“If you are not in business, why do you advertise?”

A well known protestant preacher, who is in jail today, a man otherwise close to Orthodoxy through the many heartfelt presentations and debates that he made in regards to Creation and by refuting Evolution, said once this particular utterance: “If you are not in business, why do you advertise?”. He was referring to a girl

The Mirror of this World

We observe that the number of the shiny materials around increased by the day, so to speak. The Narcissistic growth of the world society into this display did not start a long time ago. Dear friend, just look around and say what you see! Very often, our own image would be seen, reflected by myriads