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The Orthodox Women

These four ‘un-canonized’ Holy Saints were martyred during the first half of the 20th century, by the anti-Christ servants who wanted to make Orthodox Romania their dwelling place… A great number of Orthodox faithful joined the Legion of Archangel Michael, a unique brotherhood of our modern times which was founded by Holy Martyr and Confessor Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. This organization is an Orthodox Movement, which acted politically as well, because the evil forces started to destroy Christian Romania, in the same manner that other countries like Russia was demolished at the end of the World War I… These people tried to change an imposed makeup onto the Orthodox society, by resisting demonic oppressions, through Christ and His Saints! The following Holy Martyrs are among many more that have been killed and suffered in extermination camps under communist oppression but also besieged under different political tyrannies, during the whole 20th century!


ecaterinaEcateriana Gata (+ 9 April 1949)

Ecaterina was born in Sibiu, on 1924. This city is placed geographically in the centre of Romania. Ecaterina had an athletic body, blonde hair, oval face and large green eyes. She liked to wear a white blouse with chest national model. Ecaterina followed primary and secondary school levels in her native city, then moved to Bucharest with her mother and brother. Although she had many suitors, Ecaterina never married because since childhood she had chosen the path of monasticism. Father Arsenie Boca had given blessing for her to entry monasticism once had to settle things. Only that such settling never took place. It was after WW2 when Ecaterina was arrested. At that time, when communism took over the entire Eastern Europe, many Romanians tried to resist this oppression in many ways, from guerilla warfare, insurgency that lasted more than ten years, retreating to wilderness, or running away from this country. When all the other viewpoints but atheism had to ‘disappear’, hundreds of thousands were arrested and murdered…

Ecaterina Gata was severely interrogated and beaten. In the so-called investigation Ana Pauker http://content.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,19480920,00.html was directly involved, because Ecaterina was a very strong anti-communist woman being part the hierarchy of this mentioned Orthodox brotherhood. That Ana Pauker was the horrible woman in charge with communist internal affairs in Romania, after WW2, when soviet tanks took over this land. But Ecaterina’s interrogation ended shortly after she spat Ana Pauker herself! In eight long days, they killed her slowly. An officer bound her, beat her brutally, mutilated her breasts with pliers, raped her with an iron stick as well, and finally, killed her.

On 9th of April 1949 the murderers called her brother, arrived from the front, and brought him into the cell where Ecaterina was hanged with her own cord. A few days later, the mother tried to recover her body for burial, but it disappeared and never found again. Many believe that the demonically possessed atheists either threw Ecaterina’s body into a common grave or burnt in crematorium… https://saccsiv.wordpress.com/2015/08/16/legionara-ecaterina-gata-a-scuipat-o-pe-ana-pauker-drept-urmare-i-au-smuls-sanii-cu-clestele-au-violat-o-i-au-bagat-un-fier-in-vagin-si-au-ucis-o/


luciaLucia Grecu (+ 5 February 1939)

Lucia Grecu was born on 3rd of February 1912, in Bucharest. She was a highly educated young woman, with a double degree in physics and chemistry. Lucia joined the Legion of Archangel Michael from early years, as she loved to work for her Orthodox fellows. She was arrested after a pursuit by more than two hundred secret service individuals, on 29th of January 1939 in Bucharest, and passed to the Police. Was Lucia living in a communist dictatorship? No, she was a kind and modest young woman, living in the Orthodox Kingdom of Romania, where the rules of Orthodox Laws were supposed to have been established and working fine! Why did they kill Lucia and many other thousands, in that ‘free democracy’? What kind of society they were trying to establish in an Orthodox country, when targeting the young generation? At that time, communism was a weird and a foreign term, very far away from any ‘fulfillment’. Although, for some ‘officials’ with bloodstained hands, running from own salvation was quite an attempt…

Lucia is an Orthodox Martyr who, in her earthly life, wanted to resist those Masonic ideas and philosophies, foreign to Orthodoxy, which were to take over her land. She was tortured like the first Orthodox Saints were… Lucia died two days after her 27th birthday, saying not a word against any of her friends! She resisted to an incredible pressure, physically and spiritually. While dying, Lucia was thrown through a window from the fourth floor of the Police headquarters, simulating a suicide… People were passing when the event happened: it was snowing and her body, gushing blood on the snowy pavement made people to start crying, then yelling: “murderers and criminals!”, and crossing themselves in reverence to the New Saint! Many recognized the angelic face of Lucia and realized the dimension of her martyrdom, making her a new Addition to the Legion of Saints in Heaven, together with many others, murdered in the same manner. https://bucovinaprofunda.wordpress.com/2015/02/06/5-februarie-pomenirea-sfintei-mucenite-lucia-grecu-cum-a-fost-asasinata-lucia-grecu/


elenaElena Bagdad (+ 22 September 1939)

On 22nd September 1939, Elena who was very sick of tuberculosis, laying on her sufferance bad for eight months already, was taken forcefully out of the hospital. She was brought on a street linking the province capital, Jassy, to an important town, and executed. Elena was told to turn with her back. “Why?” she replied? “To execute you”, they said. Elena revolted: “What do you think that a member of this Legion of the Archangel, the Orthodox school that I went through, made me feel scared of death? You better shoot me straight on, directly into my heart, shoot without a tremble hand!” But the hand of the executioner trembled, so that five bullets did not kill her! “For God’s Sakes, you’re not capable to fire? Do you want me to show to you how to shoot?” Another executioner, of a higher rank, took the gun and killed Elena with three bullets.

The slaughterers left Elena in the street, going to their bosses for a reward… A ranger found her, as Elena looked like resting her head on one of the arms. At this sight of a sleeping virgin, he crossed himself and went away! Afterward, a few peasants found Elena and buried her body in an almost standing position. People called her the Persecuted saintly virgin! https://danielvla.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/martiriul-comandantei-legionare-elena-bagdad/


nicoletaNicoleta Nicolescu (+ 10 July 1938)

Nicoleta was arrested together with other young women members of the Legion of Archangel Michael, in 1938. She was raped, tortured in all kinds, woken up and thrown into a crematorium. The murderers were also uniformed policemen and members of different other units, who became really scarred of her resistance in front of such terrible ordeals… Nicoleta had her entire body pierced with knives, but she was not dying! The criminals put her into a bag to take her body to crematorium. Over there, the sack just opened revealing Nicoleta’s head which popped up, gasping for air. The tools of the anti-Christ just threw her body, alive, into the incinerator. Nicoleta died by this extremely painful fire, under the horrid supervision of the torturers, who couldn’t figure out why it took so long… https://bucovinaprofunda.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/10-iulie-martiriul-nicoletei-nicolescu-torturata-si-arsa-de-vie-la-crematoriul-din-bucuresti/


Now, in our 21st century, there are no more two communist and capitalist ‘camps’ fighting each other. Communism was ‘defeated’ and ‘freedom’ is all over the place for everyone to grab, and we all are the happy beneficiary of this change! Spot on? NOT TRUE! Because we are living in a bog of increasing misery, as inhabitants of an earth under things as these: global warming as a faith, pornography available for the young, drugs taken through all senses simultaneously, slavery for all men, euthanasia as part of your health, abortion as freedom of choice, chemtrails over all lands, global net of spying-you-spying-me, demonic and digital ‘transformations’ of all matter, medical practitioners as mass murderers, Big Pharma on every nightstand, killers of Christ as supermen, and ‘everybody’ waiting for anti-Christ to come to fix all problems! God forbid!!! We have Christ God Incarnate and His Orthodox Church! He was born, He died and then He Resurrected for our sake! This is our Model, together with His Saints!


May Christ God the Lord have mercy on us, through the prayers of these Saints, who sacrificed themselves by their pains, endurance and ongoing struggles, so that we become aware of this short life which lacks the real dimensions of the one that was lost and of the one that is to come, in Eternity!

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