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Medicine and The Fallen Man

The wicked Aldous Huxley: “Medicine is so ahead of its time that nobody is healthy anymore”

The doctor usually tells you to follow some tests for measuring your glycemic index, to indentify the amount of Magnesium in your body, to monitor your blood pressure and pulse, and to keep an eye on your weight, but all in one, you need to keep a certain set of measurements for every part of your body and the functions associated… Obviously, people are experiencing different kinds of illnesses more or less severe. But the normal of today MUST be designed and maintained according to the much updated profession of the medical practitioners that is of the new medicine-men!

We have to bring up to date the Procrustean bed from the Greek mythology, which gave that arbitrary standard of everything: if one is shorter than this bed length, the one will be elongated… to death, and if some were longer, well, they will be shortened by a very sharp edge… Let us try to analyse these types of standards, present in dimensions pertaining to medicine. Are these configurations correct or are they arbitrary standards according to the mentioned association to Procrustean bed?

Human bodies are not the same nevertheless the functions of these bodies are exactly the same, from digestion, breathing, reproduction, excretion, blood circulation, nervous system, etc. Therefore, in this fallen world, we expect that a given organism has to do particular efforts to maintain the functions, according to laws established by our Creator. These efforts are not actually burdens to some extent, but harmonious and balanced endeavors for these working systems of our body, reminding us of the world we used to live in, and not in this decayed earth.

Many examples are at hand in regards to the types of ‘help’ that one can receive from magician-men, working as doctors. For example, a person with hypertension will soon become sicker of some heart failure and arthritis DUE TO certain pills taken. All details about the sick pharmaceutical drugs are now public, available on the internet, but most of us still keep taking them, turning sicker and sicker. The multitude of slogans and tricks led us into the acceptance of present ruling which states such cruel and invisible ‘healing’ paths.

Many people would be so happy to hear that equality with billionaires will be made lawful; so many secret healing processes will become then available for everyone!!! For sure, it is not about equality of souls, but that material equality to keep us going ‘well’ in this corrupted world, for a few more years… Well, we’ll be discovering that these secret curing attempts could be extremely demonic: the use of living babies for stem cells extraction, refreshing own blood through transfusions taken directly from unaware victims, all kinds of organ transplants taken from human beings who will be killed in the process, etc…

Better, let us try to stick to what is on offer for us. Recently we came across the fact that all medication for numerous sicknesses (from high blood pressure, to stomach ulcers) is at least inappropriate, leading to much worse effects. But the starting point in the new Procrustean bed was always a change done in the ‘theory’ related to medical practice. For instance, thirty something years ago, the systolic high blood pressure was considered to be really high, only from 180 units up. In other words, the number of sick people was much smaller, therefore drug companies couldn’t sell too much of their products. After the release of the ‘new’ presumption in regards to this given illness, suddenly so many new customers turned ready to buy the ‘new’ pills! And in a short time, pharmaceutical companies started to make, for instance, “beta-blockers” which are supposedly helping individuals who experience the mentioned medical conditions. Although a very quick search on net can identify so many reasons against such products… (http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/01/29/beta-blockers-death.aspx)

So we understood that the number of patients was not so great for the pharmaceutical industry, so they decided to lower the maximum of this particular measurement (as they did with other Procrustean ‘calculated’ amounts), for their own gain. On one hand, the ‘correct’ high blood pressure MUST be from 140/90 up, and in the same time all these pills are ready to be swallowed by millions, who would get their problems ‘fixed’ by the middleman – our modern doctor! This particular drug attacks the heart by forcing it to beat differently, to modify rates of blood passing through arteries. The consequence is that the heart struggles in these circumstances and it will get damaged, in time. Shortly, all palpitations, blood pressure variations, the pulse and the glycemic index are NOT produced by the heart, because they are rather determined by a variety of functioning organs, such as kidneys (filtering blood), liver (maintaining constant temperature, through blood vessels) or lungs (adding oxygen to the blood stream).

Discussing about ‘invisible factors’, sadness or stress could also influence particular organs which in turn will affect body systems, leading to abnormalities identified as a high blood pressure, for instance. Once again, if it is not the heart being sick, why they make pills attacking the heart? It is similar to what we are witnessing right now: a lesson done by an experienced psychology teacher, trying to present “Moral Developments” issues to students in a classroom. It was presented the theory of L. Kohlberg (showing ‘stages of moral development’) or rather moral dilemmas, we should say… The whole story was about the so called ‘tabula rasa’ (blank slate, in English) fairy-tale, which refers to any individual being born ‘free’ of any knowledge and understanding, and that information which is given will mark that person ‘morally’, as well.

Clearly, the ‘tabula rasa’ theory of modern times and all other pagan suppositions developed lately out of the rejection of the Teaching given by God Incarnate, Jesus Christ Himself! So this mentioned theory of ‘tabula rasa’ and the one ‘opposing’ the theory of blank slate (called ‘Innatism’, or inherited knowledge) are of the same kind, because both are … awful or incomplete! Historically, the first hypothesis of ‘tabula rasa’ was developed by Socrates and the ‘better’ theory of ‘Innatism’ was prepared by Plato. Plato also thought that there is a spiritual inheritance in man… Nowadays, after we all witnessed or came about the Truth and His Divine Church, hopefully the Path to Salvation being revealed to us, the devil tries to confuse everybody with these ‘new’ ideas, reshuffled, to play with people’s minds, souls and… health!

The Procrustean measurements done in such a sphere of interest, that is psychology, all calculations are deceptive and lead to wrong conclusions. Out of the realm of psychology the protection that would give to children while teaching moral issues was not mentioned. Good parental advices are always things like: “Do not plug your fingers into the power point” or “that sharp knife could injure you” and “don’t steal” or “don’t yell” and “don’t shove your colleague”. But the ‘perfect’ sick slaves must be also happy: “I’m having a certain medical condition, but you know, in the near future science will discover a method to fix the disorder; I just need to trust in these scientists who work so hard to establish the best medication!” No way!!!

Out of the worst (and deadly!) experiments done in the last fifty years by professional executioners, otherwise called physicians, one arrives into the mind very quickly: it is the story of organ transplants! Did you know that the concept of ‘brain death’ patient appeared in preparation to allow the removal of one’s heart while the ‘donor’ is still ALIVE, but dying in the process? The notion of ‘brain death’ appeared in various scientific magazines, just before the very first heart transplant, performed in 1967. ‘Brain death’ is nothing else than a state of coma, in spite of all arguments given by professional slayers – or doctors, if you still want to call in this way. Anyone can dispute the idea, for or against, but another fact is this: many with this ‘medical’ condition unexpectedly woke up of that ‘death’, telling you what they heard about the coming slaughter! To add more, we can say that the medical killer always administered anesthetics to that human being in a ‘brain death’ state, while removing certain un-pair organs, such as the liver or the heart…

Probably we need to end this by returning to the title: “Medicine is so ahead of its time that nobody is healthy anymore”. This is such a statement!!! For sure, there are still around these doctors who can help you to regain your temporary health, through some good treatments and more or less natural medicines. If we were customers, well, the only Heavenly Gathering having us as ‘customers’ is the Orthodox Church where we receive the Ultimate Medicine, the Holy Communion, in expectation of the Divine Realm where our future dwelling will be without pain or sorrow! Even the word ‘healthy’ will lose its meaning, for good.

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