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Teaching Reproduction vs. Sexual ‘Education’

(or anomalies that you need to hate, for NOT welcoming the antichrist)


How wonderful is our Lord God in His creation! Except that we are so sinful that we become surrounded by death and destruction. It is a state of war across the whole world, and this is the time when each of us needs to instruct oneself to be ready for God’s judgment… When? Soon! Then, what do we do in the meantime? Are we turning desperate, panicking and disoriented? No way! Certainly, the world is desperate, disoriented and it is panicking with every new ‘breaking news’ event! What else can we do when we live these frantic times? Obviously, we can’t retire in the woods and start praying all night and day, as deception will take over us, immediately!


Praying is always on but according to our strength, a strength which can grow in the process of asking God’s forgiveness for our sins. The sinful world ‘asks’ for war!!! It is not ‘peace’ the antonym to war. The antonym to war is striving to acquire a sinless life. That is why we need to correctly instruct the young ones and anyone else about the Orthodox Teaching. This Teaching is so important because no one will ever be capable to survive, under this world pressure, with no rest in sight! The particular subject that we want to tackle, as announced in the title, is so erroneously taught within the so-called education system! We will be trying to give a few hints in regards to the wrong teachings…


So that the following paragraphs are about the reproduction system as found in any living thing, from man to any other creature. In schools, today, such teaching is wrongly and deliberately given a direct connection to in-your-face-pornography, as its ‘name’ goes: sexual education! We will try to present scientific and non-scientific details about this subject, according to God’s Grace in His Orthodox Church, instructions that we try to go after, for the benefit of the reader, overwhelmed by so many ‘digital’ temptations…


This tutoring is not exhaustive, but rather a starting point from which any contributor could continue, adding more for the advantage of the learner. The following paragraphs will try to explain important ideas and ways to fix the incorrect understanding. All these thoughts are related to ‘reproduction’, as one of the many ‘body systems’ as found in a given creature, a human being or a plant or an animal. But we need to give you a warning: the paragraphs below are quite heavy!



Parthenogenesis (or “virgin birth”) is used to confuse students…  In dictionaries one can find a definition like this: a form of reproduction in which an UNFERTILIZED egg develops into a new individual, occurring commonly among insects, reptiles or even birds. In these textbooks there is a short presentation about this incidence that happens when there are no males in that habitat. One thing is not mentioned: this type of behaviour is a “plan B”, for the survival of a given species, and when the males are available that plan B is forgotten straight away!

Such a description in the textbook is not different from the other types of reproduction presented (in plants, for instance), where many human ‘accents’ are always put forward, like “you need two for tango”… Students are pushed to use own imagination, ‘helped’ with ‘funny’ type of explanations and pictures… All plants become persons in an attempt to forget that they are what we eat or admire, according to their flavour or beauty! The antichrist will land on the terrain of our confusion, trying to imitate everything that Our Lord God did for us! This non-god will be capable to ‘astonishingly’ make a paradise of madness, full of this type of ‘enjoyment’, in a demonic hatred towards the Holy Virgin…



The little human being, as a little “embryo” in the mother’s womb, needs protection all the time! Details are to be observed, according to illustrations from school books: there is always a great amount of flesh / tissue covering the little body, with the necessary connection to the mother (through the umbilical cord); the umbilical cord is “there” for a long period of time, being “replaced” after birth with the attention and nurturing still coming from the mother (milk!!!), and later on, by different other ways through spiritual education, schooling and food, for many years to come.


The name given to a real human being at an early age of 4 days is “zygote”, because this Greek word means “yoked” or “joined” (used since 19th century). We think that there was no necessity to employ such a specific word (which is to become a “blastocyst” on the 5th day) for such a short period in life… Why? Because through this strangeness of names, one woman would much faster agree to make an abortion (to kill the baby, actually). Why? Because the peculiarity of names make the act of killing ‘easier’, as it looks pertaining not of a human being… You know, a ‘zygote’ or a ‘blastocyst’, which are just ‘undeveloped’ things so you could get rid of these, as if you cut your finger-nail… When time will come according to our wickedness, the so-called replacement of Christ God will kill on industrial scales, a bit similar with the massacre done by present-time doctors!


Cycles of Love

Is there a clear connection (although invisible) between the menstrual cycle of a girl / woman and other general phenomenon (the moon rotating around the earth)? We ask this question, because the same period of time is needed (around 30 days) for the moon to completely have a cycle around the earth, so that the woman is present around the man according to spiritual and physical needs that both have and commensurate to rules that one has to discover…


Love between a man and a woman, and together loving Christ the Lord, is so much simplified for the use of underage students: love between people is considered the “result” of a chemical which triggers something similar with “love for chocolate”! The school book also misses on love between parents and children, love between brothers, love towards parents, uncles and aunties! If a chemical is produced when love “happens” (which should not be a momentary event but an enduring one), this does not mean that the production of that chemical is … love. The unstable love is the purpose of a feeling, which makes a chemical, which leads to a need and then instructions for murdering your baby! God forbid!!! Love for Christ, in our recent history turned into love for the world, which transformed into love for ‘our’ reason, changing into love for ‘art’, adjusted into love for ugliness, which will grow into love for the demonic. Then the antichrist will arrive, with so much of a reception…


The growing child

The growing of a child is so delicate and needs so much attention: a mother has to eat plenty and of all kind of foods, taking care not to harm the little one from her womb, sometimes in an “invisible” way to the child, as loud and unpleasant music leads to a state of nervousness, stress which leads to a variety of sicknesses. In the same way that students in grade 8 have to wait many more years to reach adulthood and to become capable of taking care of the newborns (salary and a house, apart from adulthood that they have to reach), the not-yet-born children are required nine months to attain a certain size and weight to become capable to breathing, eating and moving in the new environment to them, outside the womb.


Those changes that occur in any person of a puberty age are normal and must be acknowledged according to one’s spiritual education and supervision; it is not just physical development, it is also about a how much wisdom one can acquire, so one learns to be patient and look for good role models! Well, the role models that are floating around are not at all good, as ALL such representations are from different shows of film, music and sport! No more Saints of this age, as previous times became completely extinguished from the education system… The one who is to arrive before the Second Coming of Christ will be the greatest actor ever known to men: the ‘best’ role model!


About ‘sexual education’

The reproduction system is the only system which starts developing after birth and it needs many years to grow (14-16-18 years, with some variations, depending on the two genders); all the other body systems are fully functional at birth! Reproduction can happen at a certain age, when one knows what to do with the… new-born child that is protecting, feeding, clothing, educating, etc.


The so-called sexual revolution is the one which made people “capable” to talk about these things, without blushing! Fashion is an important factor: in the street, many are almost undressed, wearing just underwear! As a result, man is pretty much attracted by such “available” girls / women. Also, perversions (such as homosexuality) are made “available” through fashion: lowering the lower back of pants comes from prisons, where such “accessibility“ is commonly known by inmates…


Nowadays, in any school, there is a compulsive need to ‘teach’ students about their intimate body system, in a way that is transgressing all boundaries. We try to give a few such contravening examples:

  • Questions: Who am I, as a teacher, to tell young age students about their intimate things? Is this process not a paedophilic event? How come that this ‘teaching’ is not classified as such? Family members, like a mother or a father would be much better teachers in this respect!
  • When one goes to toilet, has to choose from two clear options: male or female cubicles, and then goes into a private enclosure! Why do we have to talk publicly about such private issues like sexuality?
  • In all places of this ‘civilized’ western world, the number of people addicted to pornography is greater than 10% of the whole population; this number is larger than the total number of people addicted to other things (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.)!!! Pornography, with its associated sinful acts, is classified among a variety of different entertainments, which the young ones need to use for exploring own body… God forbid!


‘Sexual education’ would be a ‘good’ preparation for the coming of the ugly-one, because depravity is the background for a spiritual revolution, away from the Orthodox Church. We all know that any revolution is an attempt to return to the devil and his ‘teachings’ (the cause of our departure from Paradise), but through the coming of the antichrist, degeneracy will be regulated as the best ‘morality’…


Comparing different ‘species’

In the school textbook, there is also a discussion about “internal fertilisation” (human beings) in comparison with “external fertilisation” (fish). The ridiculous aspect of this comparison goes about which one would be better (!) Obviously, it has nothing to do, whatsoever, with which of them turns …“better”! The number of male eggs in a given intimate act is about 40 million, where only one gets to fertilise the ovum; in comparison, the fish produce thousands of offspring, but “only” hundreds survive… This kind of comparison is very detrimental to students as they accept so quickly any weird theory coming from a ‘professional’. The combination of the above ‘numbers’ is actually a hint for the so-called theory of evolution, where anything is possible, isn’t it? The ‘greatest’ comparison that is to come, the imitation of Christ according to the antichrist will be so spectacular, that just a few will reject it…



A few things about hormones: dopamine (the hormone which makes things attractive and pleasurable), testosterone (plays an important role in the development of the brain, the liver and other organs in men), adrenalin (the hormone which backs you up in effort, stress, fear, fighting, running, but also plays an important role in the intimate process), oxytocins (bringing balance into organisms, consolidating the relationship between a man and a woman), prolactin (hormone which is directly involved in the mechanics of the intimate act; it grows after an act and neutralises  the effect of dopamine and noradrenalin; in case of the sinful act of onanism, it can produce depression, as oxytocins are missing!)


The state of mystification that surrounds us all will grow deeper, so that ‘Science’ widens so much that everything with some life would be under this protective umbrella: explanations are possible ONLY from the realm of science! Hormones could be produced artificially as well, and administered to anyone who ‘needs’ them, for a ‘balanced’ life! In addition to this and according to the ongoing confusion spread, paedophilia will be promoted as a right behaviour, in this ‘inclusive’ world, where Christ Himself is thrown out! God forbid!!!


There are too many similar examples that are also found in school-books! The bewilderment spread all over the place by the devil’s lackeys will turn into a ‘solid’ citadel of corruption, where all sorts of departures from Christ God will be shaped in detail… We must stay away from any ‘reasonable’ explanation which tries to merge Faith with science, because this effort is to make science a spiritual venture, which has to bring ‘eternal life’ to human beings. This illusion will be mystified in the time of antichrist. Pray and STAY AWAY!!!


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