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On Democracy

We thought writing down a few thoughts on this subject may be helpful in these times of great confusion. So much has been written on democracy and how it it is the perfect system of governance that we think a few clarifications are necessary. By definition a democracy is a set of principles, based on some idea of freedom, which puts at its highest place a constitution which must be followed.

That is right – a constitution – a dead thing in itself – a set of ideas put together by a few men that must be followed by all. Is this not the very definition of idol worshiping? Is this not replacing the living God with a “set of moral principles and ideals”? Is not a constitution the result of replacing God’s wisdom with man’s wisdom?

Throughout history, the lawfulness of Orthodox Christianity has been preserved in the form of a Christian monarchy, starting from Constantine the Great and the Byzantine Empire and continuing through the Russian monarchy and the Tsar, following the model of Christ’s Heavenly Kingdom. Where in the apostate West the idea of democracy caught on much earlier than in the Orthodox East, the lawfulness was completely removed when the last Christian Emperor was murdered in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then Russia has also been a “democracy”, more or less if one looks at the period of harsh communism it went through. Nevertheless, the lawfulness has never been re-instituted since, therefore do not yourselves be fooled by the new “Christian authorities” that call themselves Orthodox in Russia.

It is hearth-breaking seeing how people in the West, especially in America, watch their constitution being shredded, still not understanding that the constitution cannot save them. It is a dead piece of paper that offers no protection and can be taken away and burned up just as easily as it was written. Is this so much revered Constitution not just like the dead idols spoken of in the Bible? It is really hearth-breaking to see so many people in America putting all their hopes in “restoring of the Constitution” as the way of preserving their rapidly vanishing freedoms, not understanding that true freedom only comes from God, not seeing that the idea of demon-cracy was sold to them only to deceive them in the end. It is indeed heart-breaking hearing so many people arguing how America has been founded as a Christian nation, where in fact quite the opposite happened – they created a republic based on a constitution that has some resemblance to Christian moral principles, and that is pretty much it. Just by writing down a set of moral principles and calling it God’s country is not in any way, shape or form founding a Christian nation.

Make no mistake, democracy means compromise. That is why the Bishops of our times find it so easy to steer the wheel of the Church towards the cliffs. Democracy is like recognizing that the Devil has a right to speak and is invited in – and he will always try to make sure there is compromise.

So the question becomes, who is going to defend the West when things really start falling apart (and they will soon)?

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