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Why doctors behave like evolutionist teachers?

Straight away we can answer the above question: it is so, because present-time doctors were once students and they had evolutionist ‘professionals’ as their teachers! Nowadays, it becomes more difficult to identify what is wrong with the medical procedures, when sick people are getting sicker, not better! To start with something palpable, we listed below just a few serious problems that we all have to face, sometimes on a daily basis:

  • Doctors act almost like medicine men, and we say it again: because students learn from professional strangers with unknown background and morality – the teachers – and not from own family or community. This type of education has quite a short history, of about 150 years or less…
  • In case of wrong functions of different organs, medication is mainly given for life, ‘hoping’ in the same time that progress and modern times will bring better ones! The variety of so many ‘new’ pills is gigantic! These pills are given to patients, mainly according to the principle ‘the newer, the better’, in the same way that Science teachers are regularly given new and ‘advanced’ textbooks for students, unaware of the indoctrination.
  • Surgical interventions, sometimes with better prosthesis and better procedures, are all about living the evolutionary process, as ‘future’ will always bring what was not yet achieved… Also, the medical charts from doctor’s cabinet are so grossly linked to the evolutionary theory, because the idea that any new drug must be better than the previous belongs to the same theoretical foundation, which is of the anti-Christ!
  • The only difference between evolutionary teachers and medical practitioners is in regards to a given time frame. In other words, evolution applies to past time, whereas the theory behind medical knowledge refers to present and future, and ‘brighter’ times! ‘Brighter’ times are for sure dazzling to the magnitude of blindness and deafness to patients!
  • Grouping people into zones, areas or camps is common to all studies and practices. Freedom to opt out is banned, in a way that moving from one place to another would change just the place and not the rules! The overwhelming culture of present times makes the same regulations, for your sake and health (!). Teachers and doctors from this realm of evolution are advancing as agents of change…
  • History in both medical science and biology, as taught in schools, was adjusted according to the same theory of evolution, so that the advancement (actually the fall!) becomes obviously understood in a wrong way. Even the dystopian book “1984” (according to the author, George Orwell) could be applicable quintessentially: ‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength’! In other words, any slaughter done to patients is for their good and better health!
  • Mathematics used in both realms is very fraudulent. All these numbers, of either a glycemic index or of some age given to a fossil, are used for a very particular reason. The reason is to make present time achievement a good triumph with the hope that in the future things will be even better! Therefore we live by numbers until we’ll become such digits! May God forbid!!!
  • Everything must be shown as being perfectly scientific: diagram of monkeys turning into man or illustrated stages of a sickness, from its early phase to its critical form are both developed from one specific mindset… The cultural evolution towards atheism, in full swing these centuries, provided the background for the acceptance of everything, including the above mentioned ‘illustration’.
  • Science textbook shows titles like this: “From bacteria to humans”.  Wow!!!  Bacteria needed 300 million year to change into reptiles, and then into mammals, which required longer or shorter times to transform into human beings… Insanity at the highest level is presented as a dose of reason! And nowadays we could get killed by the bacteria that we emerged from, if we do not follow the prescribed pills!
  • Doctors could make a family tree, according to ‘transmissible’ sicknesses, and the evolutionist teachers present ‘fossil records’ to students; these two schemes are so close to each other because the real science is equally missing: any sickness is rarely present in different generations and linked rather to same habits in family, whereas stone imprints are just some evidence that certain things were alive and died suddenly…
  • In student textbooks there is also a section entitled “Body parts” which tries to convinces students that medical science is able to provide such things, just in case… In very simple statements, will you be giving your own body to be harvested of organs, after ‘death’, for the ‘needy’? Because technique is advancing, in defiance of death and we are to turn into androids so that a victorious trans-humanism will prove that evolution is right! Poor human beings, we have to wake up, otherwise we will turn into silly and soulless… ‘immortals’!!!
  • It is sure that the target of this ‘science’, in theory and practice, is immortality! Overall, both doctors and teachers are following the atheistic script, expelling God from any theory and human activity. The ‘infinite’ space, travelling to the stars, the science of evolution and big-brother surveillance are adding up to a realm that we must aspire to, and die in the process, without asking Christ God to forgive us for our sins…
  • The androids / robots are presently designed to make man working less, so we create things in our image not as an imitation of the way God made us, but in defiance of God! The whole story of advancement and progress towards perfection will never be achieved. Not recognizing that we live in a fallen world adds up, again, to this vain work… The teacher of evolution will prepare students for this ‘scholar occupation’, where doctors will deal with already trained individuals; that is trained for destruction and arrogance.
  • Following doctors’ prescriptions leads to a greater need of these ‘cures’. From a spiritual sickness (that is to go on the wrong path as given by doctors) to a physical handicap it is just a short distance. Returning to freedom, obviously a freedom in this fallen world, needs us to give up the doctors path, forever!
  • Maybe there are still some good doctors around, doctors who could give us correct assessments for staying away from the pill-bondage. Incidentally, what would be the reason NOT to take the right decision, personally? Busy life? Need to work? Need not to work? Either reason, there is no reason, because the ‘intellectual’ spell thrown on us could be stopped! Yes, this is a witchcraft, tossed on our modern attitude toward our ‘precious’ health!!! Instead of saving our soul we go to save our health?
  • How is evolution theory, as taught in schools, a determinant in the decision making process of slowly incapacitating the patient? Simply put, the horrible and impossible length of time measured in billions and millions, since Big-Bangism allegedly took place, is all about DEATH! Consequently, trillions of different organisms died so we could come into being! Present doctors believe and practice the weakening of our organisms, sold as healing! DEATH is the background of everything promoted, but traded as a ‘life’ full of poisonous sugar. Actually, the most important ingredient of this process is our pain or the fear of pain… What did our ancestors of quite recent times, when they had to face pain and fear of pain? Obviously no one needs to go through torture to gain a better discernment, but we all would want to be saved, wouldn’t we?

The corruption found in people and the academic hexes stretched to so many institutions make this environment the only ‘workable’ culture…  We all have to return to the Orthodox Church, the only Living Hospital! People nowadays are running to different ‘cultures’, because the present western culture is an aberration as it was completely severed off from Christ!!! Yes, the rejection of secularism / atheism is necessary, but not to be replaced by some exotic civilization or a fantasy. In our recent history we know that young and rebellious people are attracted to such things, but later changed, turning from “punks to monks”! Death is the end of this material life and whether or not you believe in the Holy Trinity and the Church that Jesus Christ Himself founded, you will still be going through an extraordinary spiritual encounter after you reposed…

The symbols and images of death are numerous: skulls, bones, decaying corpses, ugliness of all shapes and forms, hideous sicknesses, graveyards, hospitals (!), etc. The problems that we have to face are common to all of us, believers or non-believers, Orthodox or non-Orthodox: fear of death and God’s judgment! And in this world it is hard to understand that Jesus Christ, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, left One Church, only!!! This Orthodox Church is Heavens and the springboard to Heavens, with lots of spiritual ammunition for our hungry and thirsty soul. At present, this world moved against its Creator, aiming to nullify the tiny amount of the existing Faith, still found in our heart!

The teachers of these modern times along with many other ‘professionals’ like doctors, came together to strongly reject any return to a faithful society. All these un-scientific and mythological statements (teachers with the theory of evolution) are in line with the false attempts of care in regards to your health (medical practitioners).  To believe otherwise about this modern society is just a naiveté.  Certainly, the good teachers and the good doctors will never give us the wrong instructions and the poisonous pills. It would be great if we could get rid of the magic charm. These so-called professionals are not all witches and warlocks, but they fell to the spelling of vainglory and arrogance. Let us free ourselves from enchantment and come back to the One Who will free us, Eternally.

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