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The ‘latest’ from roman-catholics…

Let us try to summarize the main points of the very recent talk given by a guest-speaker, a ‘theologian’ of this new world, to a large bunch of people working under the roman-catholic ‘supervision’. The briefing of each important part of this talk will be followed immediately by corrections in this article, so the reader will understand both the mistakes of these heretics and the splendor of the Orthodox approach. So, the professor was saying, from beginning, that in the roman-catholic ‘tradition’, there are three ways to be in contact with God and gaining experience in the Divine:

  • The beauty; this aesthetic experience, as we are in touch with God, would finally lead to the acceptance of the non-catholics in roman-catholic schools or in other similar offices… There is a good start but, a very strange conclusion! Yes, beauty attracts everybody and it is well said (“Beauty will save the world!” – Dostoevsky), nevertheless there is not much inspiration in the modern ugliness put on display in the ‘beautifully’ distorted objects and symbols found in the roman-catholic settings! It must be something else that attracts others to enroll into a roman-catholic school in our up-side down society, with lesser and lesser choices…
  • The reason / rational; God gave us a mind for solving problems, therefore we must grow a really ‘great mind’ through education; also, critical thinking is a very good accomplishment, therefore faith must be examined critically, as well, because through reason we are searching for… peace. It seems that the roman-catholics have no idea about the fallen reason that occupies the minds of all of us! The so-called great minds are just putrid shadows falling in total darkness, to which education adds up just a trembling contour… Faith? Yes, plenty of faith, but faith in what kind of God? As the fallen reason is used to scrutinize critically that faith, it is like saying that the conclusion drawn out of an individual eating too much would be that the individual wants to practice mastication… The series “Yes, Minister” offer so many such examples from the realm of ‘fallen reason’!
  • The way of justice (or the ethical way); that is to make an effort to transform a society of injustice into something more humane; this concept is linked to the theology of ‘liberation’: ‘there are gaps between people on this planet’ which must be fixed. Well, do we need to define this heresy of Chiliasm? However we will try to look into this realm of this deviation, in the following paragraphs.

After these starting points were presented, many more details followed, specified in analogous manners. According to the same ‘tradition’, these three ‘things’ (‘beauty, reason, and way of justice’) would push us to our limits, but this is good, because this is… ‘theology’! Furthermore, we all are theologians, ‘amateurs’ or ‘professionals’, because words are… immaterial. Also, ‘reading’ signifies that you are part of the communication process. Following the same path, the presenter drew the conclusion that communication by talking or reading leads to … God, and all religious ‘traditions’ must be thinking on “who God is?” In the same time, the roman-catholics were urged to be fully human, that is to be like… Christ!!! Such a cold shower, but it was not for giving a right direction to the person looking for a clear path to Salvation! It was about déjà vu assertions, uttered some fifteen centuries ago, when heretic Arius tried to convince others of the ‘ordinary’ nature of Christ… Not to be!

Alright, if we take these things seriously, the very first step that one has to take in the right direction is to clearly understand Christ, according to our strength! Who is Christ? They say that the ideal is to be human, like Christ! Shocking! No, it is the other way around: to be closer to the Divinity of Christ Who took our flesh; therefore we have the goal to follow Him, in this Way, because we have been adopted in His Kinship! These roman-catholics forgot that Christ God took the flesh becoming fully Man, but without any sin! Our fallen nature is not to be admired and … worshiped, as they do and did, since the time of ‘renaissance’. But there is more to come!

In the roman-catholic ‘tradition’ of mid-1950, most of the people in affluent countries had their life split in two: the ‘normal’ weekdays with all the comfort at home or at work, and the medieval time of Sundays with the church services; then the popes started to fix the problem, in the early-1960, by gathering 2,500 bishops at Vatican, and developing the ‘theological’ idea of also solving the world poverty and oppression in this modern era. One conclusion would be that the roman-catholic church had to return to what it was and used to be: the ‘church of the poor’, because there was no other alternative. Our presenter was also worshiping the Statue of Liberty, as a symbol of ‘feeding the poor’ in our New World… Analyzing such sayings would not be so hard, actually. Christ Jesus says: “For ye have the poor among yourselves always, and whenever ye wish ye are able to them good; but Me ye have not always” (Mark 14, 7). How can they fix this problem with the poor? It can’t be fixed, or rather it will be ‘fixed’ by the antichrist, just before being destroyed by our Redeemer at His Second Coming.

It is interesting to mention that the heretical pope John XXlll called the Second Vatican Council on 11th of September 1962, in a radio address, broadcasted to all nations, so to speak… But the poverty mentioned by the roman-catholic host does not exist in the Holy Scriptures, in a way that one can address according to the present fashion! At that time until today, so many rich people gave up their wealth to live in poverty, for concentrating better on the spiritual life and not being under material pressure of any kind! Consequently, being or becoming poor materially could also lead to internally richness, with such a life inspiring the others! On the other hand, the rich ones go suicidal, don’t they? The people killing themselves are, likely, from a stock of the affluent ones…

Let’s continue with some more delusional facts, as uttered by these roman-catholics: The thousands of bishops, the ‘conservatives’ of that time, reached such a revolutionary decision, as they were liberating individuals, and being captured into the realm of the ‘correct’ doctrine, they were just trying to do something! Generally speaking, the roman-catholic church is in the process of evolution, and this dynamic course includes all the other institutions (schools, businesses, etc.). On the other hand, fixing the problems of the past must be done in the way that pope Paul ll did, by asking for apology in regards to slavery from the people who suffered the most, and from the early stages of this ‘trade’, in Senegal, they say. Sometimes we were thinking that we watched a very unserious development, but in reality the process of indoctrination was in full swing! If God would be just, according to our very fallen understanding, we all would be dead right away, but the Lord God is merciful, more than anything else, and not looking at our sick justice!

Obviously, we have been told that the pope also apologized to the Jews and the Blacks, in a variety of places and for different reasons, but … they never apologized to the Lord! Finally, the story goes to a climax: the roman-catholic church is like all the saints, sinful and holy, because this is a deep tradition which leads to change… Amongst the final points, it was the idea that through ecumenism (or “reunification of Christianity”), the popes and their bishops will be able to fix the ‘world poverty’ (together with all of us, of course!). Did we have enough? Can we ‘decode’ this ultimate heresy? So, this ‘brave’ and big religion is to be considered sinful, ‘by law’??!!! This is great, because a sinful set of guidelines is bad enough to be discarded without problems! Yes, they use the names of the Redeemer, of His Holy Mother and of His saints, but in reality this roman-catholic ‘dogma’ is nothing else but a distortion of what Christ God wants from us as Confessors! None of us who belongs to Orthodoxy – the only Path to Salvation, is glorified by God or ‘seen’ better than others! Actually, we pray like this: O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy of me, the sinner!

The spiritual disorder of this strange faith of roman-catholicism becomes so evident to everyone who wants to see: ‘new’ view points, ‘progressive’ and more ‘advanced’ set of rules, a larger and larger ‘church’ led by a grandiose pope who is wrapped in his fake glory, are enough of daily facts making man sick. To these general indications we could add, with pain, a very recent episode that happened at the same place where this presentation happened and was described in the above paragraphs. Early in the morning, at the start of a day of work, a roman-catholic staff representative started to say a prayer. This ‘prayer’ was ‘composed’ of four different parts: a prayer in the buddhist ‘tradition’, a prayer in the ‘jewish tradition’ (in fact, a psalm!), a prayer in the islamic ‘tradition’ and a prayer in a ‘christian’ tradition! Shocking! So we have been exposed to loads of ugliness, with one single ‘unifying’ element: the ‘pope’ of Rome! God forbid!!!

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