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The Plan of Sealing The People (with the Mark of the Beast) – Part 1

This is a translation of the following article from a Romanian website:

We want to present this very important message about the ongoing spiritual riots, started some time ago. They are so planned and so cunning! This rebellion against God is not new, and the ones who triggered this uprising are very well known… What is amazing? Well, the demonic arrangement developed in the last 100 years or so has so many stunning details. Such schemes have roots deep down in history. During the so-called Renaissance times (and before that age), the clandestine and all-powerful individuals grouped themselves and initiated this process, which today is so hard to understand! Or, is it so difficult?

Briefly, the article contains numerous references, some to printed books, as well. One of those books, Eros and Magic in the Renaissance and written by Ioan P. Culianu, sheds extraordinary light on the foundation of present world view of our modern times. At the end of the Part 2 of this article, we will be giving more explanations. The following lines are to be later completed with paths that one needs to pursue for staying away of the terrible deceptions. These frauds are intended to stay until everyone submits to them, as tender offerings. How do we refuse this poison?


Some two weeks ago I received the following texts from TM, an Orthodox, a message that everyone must know. This is the plan of sealing the whole world, a plan that will develop cunningly, in stages. “We are extremely upset of what is happening. Personally, I met a Jew in USA, who told me that the present Patriarch is their man and that he decided to put a stop to the so-called Christian Mediterranean civilization. My encounter said: “You will see that we are going to show to you the ‘body’ of Christ” he told me. “He was a simple man”. Well, I said, but you want to substitute Christ with what? What formula of immortality do you have? “We will move your conscientiousness on a chip, and your body will be made through nano-bio technology”.

That thing happened three years ago and I realized that it is not a phantasmagoria, but an absolute demonic plan. I said all those things to my priest, but he had an indifferent attitude, or more like a curiosity. Fear is overwhelming them, they have a good life and I think that this is the reason to be so weak. We want that they would come back into their senses, to realize the danger and to make a common front against this conspiracy.

The one I talked to you about is a Jew, under a different name, involved in secret services and in all political regimes, in corruption scandals involving various state corporations, but who succeeded always, thanks to his USA relationship. He got a kind of immunity, and who also admitted to me that he is a mason. I need to confess to you that he tried to recruit me in the businesses that he runs in Eastern Europe, through the USA investments, but first he wanted to see what kind of faith I have. And the discussion centered on the system of faiths. Being a Political Science graduate, I searched academically what they are trying to do, at ideological level and through political correctness. That fact drove me to a series of lectures about the fabricated nature of political correctness.

So I found out about the big research and experimentation from the social sciences field, and about the so-called “think-thanks” of the Americans, of the British and of the other West Europeans… The discussion with that man gravitated about the nature of the new global and competitive economic system, where business development must be clearly understood.

Inevitably, he accentuated that THE NEW MAN who must work and live in this system must be exclusively dedicated to lust, and not to understand the nature of his new bondage and to forget about ‘the old determinisms’ which used to give him affective stability: God, family, property and I might add, a certain sense of normality in regards to human relationships.
The competitive side of the new individual is intensified, and also the idea that he can do anything through mental and technological techniques, and he can in this way to contribute to the creation of the egalitarian and utopian society, where salvation comes by a New God, the technology. At a personal level, I felt on my own skin while working in multinationals companies, the meaning of magic techniques. IT IS A SO-CALLED SOCIAL DARWINISM.

I can tell you from my own experience, when I interacted according to these precepts, that every movement at the social level is studied assiduously, also the dynamic of every sin, and the way in which it contribute to the establishment of their new system and how THE SYSTEM must be inoculated in a ‘pleasant’ form. They call this aggression the ‘POLIFORMIC PERVERSITY’.

I can tell you that the attack themes come from the study and planning centers of USA, as they have unlimited funds. The topics, which are the Trojan horse that every nation must receive ‘academically’, are then transposed into topics for academic research, at universities. Then, through research grants professors and students, in their recklessness, consider them as honor missions in the implementation of the dream to become EVOLVED and COMPETITIVE SOCIETIES. UNFORTUNATELY, I WAS SUCH A MAN. MAY GOD FORGIVE ME!

I understood from the man that everything that he told me is A NEW FORM OF RELIGIOSITY: in what way man has to be, what is good for him to believe and how he functions and in which society he must live. Of course that the named form of TECHNOSOCIETY is a proposed stable society, where diseases are abolished, everybody has wealth, with the special promise TO LAST FOR EVER. Their only impediment is THE HUMAN NATURE itself, but that nature is to be suppressed through TRANSHUMANISM, a CROSS-BREED between MAN and MACHINE.

The new idol is therefore THE TECHNOLOGY WHICH MERGES WITH MAGIC, the result being IMMORTALITY, through so-called Technological Prostheses, that is a gradual replacement of each organ with artificial ones, with an associated decryption of neural maps, so everything can be ‘transplanted’ on a hardware support. In this sense, they have a Science called OPTOGENETICS AND BIONICS, which are STUDIED in the most important UNIVESITIES.

Everything functions in this society, by demonic inversion principles. And they are the new bishops, these eschatological elite, in self-righteousness by blood, who are to lead a flock of useful inept. They are gathered in a NEW UNIVERSAL PRIESTHOOD, AND THEY HOPE THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME LEFT UNTIL THEY WILL PRESENT TO PEOPLE THE TEMPLE OF WORSHIP, WITH THE GREAT BISHOP, THE ANTICHRIST. We live in times of great and intense errors. Hypnotized to return to walk in darkness and in the shadow of death, modern times are waiting for a conclusion.

For about 100 years, the Western world entered the final phase of a nihilistic dialectic, as this Western world follows for more than 300 years a route of relativity to all values, like wanting to find a mundane self-salvation formula. The process, perfectly caught by Saint Seraphim Rose in his prophetic work “Nihilism and the Revolution of the Modern Age”, has as foundation the long journey of using rationality in aims deviated from specific missions, that is to reveal the Divine Reasons placed by God in His Creation. Consequences of the change are fatal in the Faith, the individual and in the social realms…

From the true present offered by God to man, seeded for knowing and worshiping the Lord Who is the Supreme Reason of things, the human reason falls in a process of occult grounds… The employ of reason for its use in strict worldly directions is poison, which initially was tasted in theological sense by the Western world through roman-catholicism. This ‘theology’ rationalizes God Himself and confiscates the Christian Mystery and Revelation. Hitched on this path, the Western world allows itself along history, permeated by a heap of Gnosticisms, fake mysteries and esoteric doctrines.

This ‘wealth’ of untrue ideas and philosophies arrived in Europe through Jewish and Arabic pathways which discovered the catholic ground, to establish an old and dangerous heresy: chiliasm! The establishment of a worldly kingdom, as a method of salvation through own means is practically the process to which many others adhere to! In the realm of this messianic religion, some Orthodox stick on, offering a strange help to Catholicism and Protestantism by raising the strange thought to a ‘superior dimension’ which promises to give a ‘final transcendence’: the metaphysical salvation through a ‘real’ Messiah.

So the strange couple (an ‘Orthodox’ and a heretic) will be going together, deliberately on strategic stages, which are steps of an occult technique, built through science and technical achievements. The terminus point that we live today brings a grandiose construction: the anti-human made to fit into the new kingdom, a kingdom freed of all ‘mystical, irrational and historical’ constructs developed in the past. The demiurgic temptation is inevitable in making up the Brave New World, morally drained through equality, wellbeing and happiness. The New Messiah, the Great Inquisitor is to offer a worldly bread to the humankind, doing everything possible to annihilate the Rival…

Losing the true taste of Salvation, the new human being wants to feed on this bread and has the thirst to build a strange factory as well, to add to the work newer and newer theories and ideologies capable to recommend to his new Eden the persuasive force of re-birth through a collective effort. This new work demands from its artisans an effort to research and investigate methods, techniques and the necessary tools to appease the longing for eternity which is still present in man. In this way all sciences of chemistry, physics and astronomy are born, reconstructing a new vision on the world and man.

In this way we step into an ideological account with God and with the Crown of His Creation – the man. His new link to matter through sorcery cannot calm down the craving to a real unity with the Living God, the Only One Who can give him the living water. Found himself in this passionate and dependent connection with the physical universe, the new man will want to extend this vision to people associated politically and economically to the ‘enlightened despots’ of this world. This interdependent relation would be followed to last eternally, as it was of an eschatological built. The making of the new man is developed in antithesis with the Christian man. The debut of this construction started to take place with the French revolution, turning into a permanent revolution…

The procedures target the change of human nature, so that this nature will be matched with the new project. These things were tried one after another, in our recent history: in regards to physical violence and theological, political, economical and social restrains. But these restrictions cannot equalize with the use of magic, in its multiple erotic and demonic denominations. Such forces are acting from outside, so the named restrictions of some older times couldn’t penetrate the final citadel of human consciousness and man’s freedom, the God’s gifts without which the struggle could have been lost. Therefore, our enemy redefined the fighting rules through subversively attacking the intimacy of our being, using procedures of assaulting the mind. The war against the mind, described by our Holy Fathers, is entering a new historical phase, facilitated by magic technologies, developed progressively.

All these occult forces of Benedictine and Jesuit nests, established during Renaissance, entered Romania too, trying to grow with the science of the time which explained God rationally, in attempts to create a mythology… In a book written by Ioan P. Culianu (“Eros and Magic in the Renaissance”) there is an account of such things, in the person of Giordano Bruno, the magician who by excellence provided a social control tool in the hands of the illuminated despots of future times, as… today: the magic of eroticism!
The author wrote: “The magician is busy today with public relationship, propaganda, market prospects, sociological surveys, advertisements, information, counter-information and disinformation, censorship, spying and cryptography operations, because all these things were branches of witchcraft during the XVI century. This key figure of contemporary society represents nothing else but an addition to the Bruno-nian manipulator, whose principals are followed with a care to give them a technical and impersonal formula.

“Wrongfully, historians drew the conclusion that witchcraft and magic disappeared with the apparition of present quantitative science. Actually, this ‘science’ did nothing else but to substitute itself to a part of this enchantment, prolonging life to magic in its dreams and purposes through technology. Electricity, rapid transportation, radio, television, airplane and the computer did nothing else but to produce things formulated firstly by witchcraft and belonged to the supernatural procedures of the magician: making light, moving instantaneously from a place to another, communication within regions far away from each other, flying through the air and acquiring an infallible memory.

“Technology, could be said, is a democratic magic which allows to anyone to enjoy the extraordinary faculties of the magician. On contrary, nothing replaced witchcraft on its territory that is the one of the relationships of subjects. Of the same measure of the operational part of sociology, psychology and applied socio-psychology of today, which are direct tools belonging to magic jugglers of Renaissance.

“What kind of result would be generated through the knowledge of inter-subjective relationship? A homogenous society, ideologically healthy and governable. The manipulator, according to G. Bruno, takes this load for giving a proper education and religion, to his subjects: “we must have an extreme care in regards to the place and the way that somebody is educated, the studies that one follows, under a certain pedagogy, in a particular religion, or a specific cult, and what books and what authors are there. Because these things generate through themselves, and not through accident, all the qualities necessary of the subject.”

Culianu continues: “It is not necessary to have imagination to understand that the function of the Brunian’s manipulator was taken by the State, and that ‘integrated magician’ has the duty to invent necessary ideological tools for making a uniform society. (…) Magic is a method of control for the individual, of the masses, based on profound knowledge in regards to the private and collective erotic pulsations. Not just the psycho-analysis forefather could be recognized in the process, but firstly the one who founded applied psychology and psychology of the masses” and, it could be added: the old devil that is the deceiver and enemy of human kind, as he is father of all magicians and sorcerers.

In regards to the application of magic as an institutionalized science of today, especially in psychology and sociology sciences for the establishment of a ‘society without classes’, we have the projects developed at the beginning of the 20th century, initially in Europe through the famous Frankfurt School. Later on, it continued in United States at the great American universities, for identifying a cultural and ideological formula, through which Christianity could be attacked, as the Faith in Christ is a social and cultural underlining which can stop the emergence of socialism in western countries.

The anarchic ferment, socialism, is the eschatological doctrine of Judaism, which is through its nature an attempt to set up at the top of humanity a revolutionary synedrium, an organization having possession of absolute knowledge. Armed with a hidden ideology, under the cover of struggling for human kind and internationalized through bloody revolutions, this dogma needs to define itself in an antithetic report with its eternal enemy: Christianity. Using the philosophical procedure in a Hegelian dialectic of thesis-antithesis-synthesis, socialism concealed itself in democracy, and then it builds a permanent opposed pole, politically, economically, socially and religiously. Being manufactured on the logics of a system, it needs control and synchronicity, so that this art of deception with the dialectic poles united is perfectly controllable in its synthesis. Once finalized, the new establishment has the aspiration to stop any possible revolution, as it is a perfect closed system.

To understand the epistemological mechanism is absolutely necessary for understanding the ‘mystery’ of this type of eclectic and occult system. In its historical journey there are numerous such thesis-antithesis situations: democracy vs. monarchy, democracy vs. communism or fascism, capitalism vs. governance, single party vs. multiparty, traditional family vs. feminism or homosexualism, nationalism vs. internationalism, national culture vs. multiculturalism, national religion vs. religious syncretism or ecumenism, Orthodoxy vs. Catholicism, etc.

The effort to build a synthesis of antagonistic poles is considerable and needs a magician ‘gift’ to present this arrangement as a credible solution, a ‘pacifier’ salvation. The centers of ideological planning are moving, function of historical context. During the 19th century we had Paris and London to trigger ‘democratic’ revolutions on this continent, followed by the ones in USA. During the 20th century, Moscow, through its Comintern, plays a fundamental role as a pole contrasting to the Western democracies, these multi-religious, multi-party, multi-ethnicity and anti-traditional capitalists. At that time they started the scaffolding progression towards the legal ‘human rights’, by which they started to trial the Christian tradition.

The illusion functions perfectly due to mass-media, and ‘public opinion’ is fabricated – a god of modern world. An infallible forum, public opinion, is a phantasmagoric construct that was developed theoretically and practically be Paul Lazersfeld, who tested its validity during presidential elections in USA (after the ww2). This ‘public opinion’ has as a background an intellectual fraud of a so-called ‘knowledge of human perceptions and human behaviors through investigative methods of quantitative order’.

It is desired to legitimize the ‘demo-kratos’ through arguments of a quantitative criterion, which imposed itself by the force of number versus the qualitative and personal criterion of Christianity. Justification is skillful, because once humankind is controlled as a number and placed in quantitative equations, he can be operated with in pure mathematical terms. The ‘operator’ has the duty to justify the greatest number, which could impose the wished agenda of the day. So that the problem of human values is decided as an equation with multiple and unknown terms, where the only difficulty resided in ‘time and method’, to be solved.

Created by the well-known Frankfurter School, the methods of investigation toward the mind of the subjects are part of the arsenal of techniques described by Ioan P. Culianu: it is the Giordano Bruno’s theories, in regards to the use of demonic and erotic black art. This Renaissance man appears on the world stage due to his intellectual pseudomorphosis, an effort leading to a disguise into science.

Initially established in Soviet Union, in Moscow, under the name of Marxism Institute, the School moved to Frankfurt and then to Chicago, being the outpost where a great number of people of culture and science activated, most of them being Jewish. Around this anti-Christian pole, the great international forces, both of the Comintern and Westerners as well, gathered to find a scientific consistency, which means to find the magic for providing political and financial continuity. Amongst the organizations drawn together we could identify a few: the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Jewish Committee, B’nai Brith lodge, Intelligent Services, the International Labor Organization, the Comintern, CBS, US High Commissioner for Germany, Office of Strategic Services, etc.

Initially, the coryphaei were Antonio Gramsci, Georg Lukacs, Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, and also Gershom Scholem, who was one of the most famous philosophers from Israel, the most significant modern Gnostic of Judaism. There were common activities coordinated under the baguette of Siegfried Kracauer, at rabbi Nehemiah Nobel’s residence from Frankfurt, a house which became a sionist saloon. Parts of this melting pot were also Martin Buber, student Leo Lowenthal and illustrious Eric Fromm. Scholem even stated in his book “From Berlin to Jerusalem” in regards to the essence of this sionist centre, that this place was the site of the most remarkable Jewish sect, a product of the German Judaism.

In 1924, Theodor Adorno got familiarized with the occult doctrine and with the theories belonging to Otto Gross, an extremist Freudian practitioner. It was developed the theory that mental health could be reached only through a rebirth of the old cult of Astarte (who is “an ancient Semitic deity, goddess of fertility and reproduction worshiped by the Phoenicians and Canaanites”- http://www.dictionary.com/browse/astarte). This demonic sect is to destroy monotheism and the ‘bourgeoisie family’. It was promoted a cult of deviant sexual relationships, which would hold a ‘liberation’ role of the patriarchal values. There were established, theoretically, the new esthetics which targeted Christian art, to be transformed into divertissement for masses, as well as the change of the music type through radio and film technologies, all of these acquiring the role to alienate the listener away from the real value of classical masterpieces.

They are financially supported by Rockefeller Foundation new research, related to social effects of the new mass media, especially radio. The great American universities are given the responsibility to cleansing the history and to present it as being an unstoppable manifestation of the progress and evolution, and Darwinist evolutionism as a mechanism for explaining the history was ‘officially’ introduced: man becomes the son of ape…

Slowly-slowly, all the developments from the field of technology and education are under the influence of ideological desideratum, to create a new religion for masses, coerced at submission under the democratic wish of ‘public opinion’, in fact a new form of socialist dictatorship of a politically correct type, that combines magical, utopian Marxism, radical freudism and new technologies of neo-hypnotic pleasures.

In accordance with the Psycho-political Manual, used for the socialist conquer of Westerners by the Comintern, “man can be trained as a dog…he must be lowered and transformed from a being with spiritual life in a rat with animal reactions. The first thing that must be degraded in any nation is the status of the human being. Nations that have a lifted ethical level are hard to conquer. Their feelings and convictions are hard to shake, their loyalty towards leaders of their country is great and what they usually have as a their spiritual integrity is impossible to violate through constraint and brutality”…

Created at Washington D.C. in the early ‘30s, the “University of Psycho-policy – Lenin”, from which manual we quoted – was ruled by the feared Beria, the NKVD boss. Their objectives, declared anti Christian, were presented by him in the context of victories ‘accomplished’ by socialist-sionist circles, from the beginning of the 20th century in USA. Quotation: “In USA we fought from beginning to destroy all foreign influence and we were successful. Even that today we look to tolerate the Christians, let us never forget that our fight to influence the Christian world, coercing it to act according to our objectives, is not over yet. After we will be finishing this job, we can say that the Church’s influence of everything will stop. Look at the faithful from Russia: they look like some trained monkeys. If all apes from the other countries will have faith in us, they will not realize that they are just some tethered animals on a long chain.”

We have to act before this ‘religion’ term will be synonymous with madness. We have to act before the official representatives of the city, or of the land, or the states leaders will think no more and will start the attack against the spiritual groups considered to be the enemies of people.

In regards to the Orthodox Church and Her Priests, Beria said in his ‘teachings’: “If we want to reform bishoprics, we have to study with care which are the powerful ones, to take an energetic activity near the bishops who follow the adaptation line to our new times of progress, to attract the ones who are not yet decided, to attack and isolate the few bishops who still have an attitude and a reactionary behavior, the ones who are insolent and hostile.”
We have here, briefly, the main guidelines as followed until today by the ones who lead nations and even the Church. The assimilation strategy for the Church towards globalism, a thing that is the ‘great synthesis’, according to Judaism, was confirmed by the representatives of the so-called ‘chosen people’, whose current activities in the Orthodox countries are to annihilate the ‘reactionary’ Christian centers opposing the syncretism wave. Actually the logic of synchronicity and total control are applied at all levels, while multiparty illusion is maintained with great ability through television and different other media.

In terms of the Orthodox spirituality, the things desired by the enemies of Christ are a ‘reformed and continually updated dogma’. The control over this process is a drastic one, without any deviation. We need to remember that the ones who are the masters of this process have a fanatical motivation. They want to make Christianity not more than a society acting philanthropically, a sort of an addition to a public morality, regulated by overseas laboratories. The most important dogmatic part will be reformed so that it will be corresponding to the Jewish Noahide laws, a series of commands of moral order, somehow inspired by the Ten Commandments.

Actuality the Noahide laws are Jewish with some faint Christian elements, but also apt to incorporate elements of cabalistic and esoteric makeup. In regards to these Noahide laws, we found these details: “Public Law 102-14 is an American federal law which states that the “Seven Noahide Laws” (Laws from the Jewish Babylonian Talmud) are the principle on which the United States was founded, and that it is the responsibility of America to transmit these “ethical values” to future generation both in the United States and the world.” (http://www.noahidelaw.org/why-repeal-public-law-102-14-and-noahide-law/)
In fact, not to steal and not to lie are of a real use to the system of this New World Order… Just for a future ‘update’ of the whole lot: http://noahide.org/2016/02/22/summit-mobilizing-cultural-and-religious-ethics-for-agenda-2030-3/

(to be continued…)


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