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The Plan: The Arrival Of The “Divine Warrior”

The calls for a “Divine Warrior” are growing louder. The “solution” is being prepared and the “great awakening” is being heralded everywhere. There is hardly a website in the western world that recognize the fact that the humanity is on the edge of abyss, without falling into the trap of talking about how everyone is waking up to the tyranny that will soon be established.

The idea of a global awakening in response to widespread iniquity (which we showed is not happening by chance, but it is a very carefully crafted plan) is everywhere (more details could be found in our Mystery of Iniquity section).

This is a very important subject because many Holy Fathers talked about the dangers of Christians being caught into the false awakening movement of the coming antichrist. In his Orthodox Survival Course, Fr Seraphim Rose shows how atheism is only a transitory stage from Christianity to a new religion and is part of the same plan – they need to destroy first in order to bring change, or how the elite puts it, bring (new) order out of chaos.

Brzezinski himself talks about a global awakening. Why? Because the crisis is now ready to be brought about and they are preparing the “solution”: “Ever since that time we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favor of that King Despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world” (excerpt from our other article mentioned above).

A classic example of how the “solution” is packaged and sold to the general public is perfectly illustrated by the Zeitgeist movie series (zeitgeist is in itself a whole awakening movement) which does a marvelous job on exposing the underlying problems just to offer the captivated watcher some ideas of which an Orthodox Christian should be very concerned, and in particular we are referring to suggestions offered in the Venus project as a solution to all problems of the humanity (which are eerily similar to the Agenda 21 proposals). Our Holy Fathers teach us that any attempt to create a perfect society here on earth is at best idealistic – let us not forget, communism was such a failed attempt.

Glenn Beck (member of the skull-and-bones), a Mormon and a former Fox News host who for 2 years exposed in great detail the plans of the elite to destroy America and has gained a big audience and many followers as a result, has developed his own movement of “spiritual awakening”, heralding everywhere the return of the “new George Washington” to heal the American nation, and he even presented his own plans to “Restore America”, calling it “the third great awakening” and promising unprecedented scientific advances that will bring America to it’s former glory, for which purpose he created the “American Dream Labs”. He would often be heard on radio or TV speaking how God talks directly to him in various personal visions, sometimes even going as far as saying that God had a plan for the salvation of mankind for him to materialize (here is an example). His consistent message has always been that regardless of one’s faith, all people have to overcome their differences and unite in the face of evil. For this purpose he organized various events (Restoring Honor, Restoring Love etc) and brought together pastors, rabbis, priests of all confessions under the name of “The Black Robe Regiment”. Of special interest is his close involvement with the Vatican in planning for a common response in the face of coming evil and warning all Catholics to prepare for battle.

David Icke who called himself “son of god” some years ago has been very busy at work sending the same message of a global awakening, and showing us how to breaking the spell & realize the full magnitude of who we are.

The plan is simple, and we talked about it before: they need to create such chaos and bring about such turmoil in the world that people will revolt and call for a “savior”, only that the “savior” will come as a liberator, after the world will fall under the rule of a ruthless dictator which all will call antichrist in a united voice, therefore fooling all unprepared and unsuspecting Christians.

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