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The West As A Complete Anti-Christian Culture

The West has drifted so far away from Christianity it can not longer recognize it. The long process of apostasy in the West that started with the 1054 schism from Orthodoxy is rapidly reaching a climax. Nowadays in the West almost any idea goes as Christian, but this wrong understanding is the result of so much deviation from the correct dogmas that it makes it impossible to find any trace of the true Christian spirit at all.

They were once Orthodox but they had long forgotten that. Orthodoxy, the True Christianity is not merely a religion, but is the revelation of God’s truth to mankind, and is not just a spiritual concept but a way of life and meant to provide society with a set of values, based on the 10 commandments, which lay the foundation for the social, political, religious, economic principles.

What we are seeing in the West, and spreading to the Orthodox rapidly, is a very powerful wind of change that is antichristic in nature with the purpose of destroying everything that is left Christian in these cultures. The West is no longer a society with one God (“You shall have no other gods before me”) but mixed all religions up under the guise of multiculturalism. Christianity has been destroyed by adopting paganism which people do not recognize any more. Our society has so many pagan elements that we will not enumerate here but rather will make the subject of a different article.

Then the holy sacrament of marriage is being perverted everywhere in the West by officially allowing for gay marriage through legislative changes. New Zealand and France are the 2 most recent countries that joined into this abomination that was utterly punished in the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The West is rapidly following through in this lawlessness and it can not hope to escape the same fate.

“You shall not murder” said the Lord, and abortion is being legalized everywhere, and what is worst is that it will force everyone to partake in these crimes by allowing for this to be paid for by national healthcare programs. So in other words, if a Christian has a job and tries to somehow survive this poisonous environment, he/she will now be forced to pay a tax on his/her salary that will directly contribute to carrying out of this abomination, and it will become practically impossible to escape this pattern unless a Christian is preparing spiritually to break off completely from it. It is not in vain that the Scriptures and the Holy Fathers say that in the last times, the true Christians will run away from these iniquities and hide only be found in caves or remote places.

There is also much talk everywhere about Obamacare laying the foundation of a ration based system where resources are allocated based on some arbitrary factors (availability of funds, seriousness of illness, age etc) rather than on compassion and love as Christianity teaches, and this is the case in most Western countries – look for example in Australia where elderly people can no longer decide for themselves where they want to be, but through the decision of some clerk or commission can be put in an aged care center above his/her will. But Obamacare is not merely about this, it is about much more than rationing healthcare!

And what about the other commandments? Upon careful examination, one shall easily find that in fact modern western society is in fact against all of them. “You shall not commit adultery”? “You shall not make for yourself any idols. You shall not bow down to them or serve them”? It is everywhere, on TVs (“American Idol” even has it in its name), on posters in malls, in bus stations, in papers, in homes, everywhere, just look around you, everything is telling us “it is OK, DO IT”.

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