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Constantine Zalalas Lectures

Introduction of Constantine Zalalas by Gregor Isiopili:

A link to 111 video lectures of Constantine Zalalas. For those who may not know who this man is – he is a lay theologian of Greek descent who lives in Pennsylvania. He was a spiritual son of the holy Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios and is a close friend and supporter of the monasteries of Elder Ephraim.

I’d like to share a personal experience of mine that attests to his faithfulness to the Patristic tradition of our Church. At a particular monastery of Elder Ephraim (probably all of them) they do not sell the books of people like Met. Kallistos Ware or Met. Hilarion Alfeyev and others like unto them. Regarding the books of Bishop Kallistos I was told that this was because of certain non-Orthodox ideas which can be found in his writings. I also witnessed the Fathers of this monastery (with a razor blade) cutting out the introduction section of “The way of a Pilgrim” because (although this is a great book!) – the introduction was written by a non-Orthodox person and it contained dangerous ideas. In other words they are very careful that what they sell is really Orthodox.

At this monastery, they read the writings of the Holy Fathers (usually in Greek) during trapeza; however, at times when the monks eat alone (separate from the lay people) – they’ve been known to listen to the lectures of Constantine Zalalas while eating. Imagine that, the monks either listen to the Holy Fathers or Constantine Zalalas! I hope this shows that, in a time when 1000 different voices all claim to speak for Orthodoxy – Constantine Zalalas has proven to be a trusted source for spiritual enlightenment and strength.

I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about our Holy Orthodox Faith to explore his audio lectures…
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