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The False Prophet !

Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios said this about “the false prophet”:

“…this person appears joyous, full of optimism and smiles. He promises freedom, material abundance, peace, wonderful social life, ecumenicity, or one happy world community…”.

He promises the same things the social gospel seeks after! A gospel that has now received synodal acceptance within our Church.

In short the false prophet will promise things which are now being relentlessly sought by no small number of Orthodox…

Now let’s see how this relates to the “trade deal” …

Listen to the this interview with Mnuchin on FoxNews. Did you catch that? “Balanced trade”? I need to add, a gold standard is coming and will probably be part of the trade deal. And the balancing part is important because international trade will be settled in gold. So the US has to have a “balanced trade” agreement with China because they don’t have the gold. At least if the trade is balanced, they will be able to pretend they have the gold because on a net basis they won’t have to come up with any physical gold to make up for the trade balance shortfall … I said long ago this had to be achieved in order that a gold standard can work …. Same reason is also behind the USMCA trade deal … All seems to be falling into place at the same time


The reason i have been paying much attention to this “trade deal” is because i believe this is the fulfillment of St Seraphim of Sarov’s prophecy that says:

“under the pretext of complete egalitarian earthly prosperity, and with the aid of people who have been made fanatical by them, to create anarchy in all states and to destroy Christianity throughout the world, and, finally, by the power of gold concentrated in their hands, to subdue the whole world to antichristianity in the person of a single autocratic, God-fighting tsar – one king over the whole world”
exactly the promises of the false prophet …


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