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“It is coming”, “it is happening”, “it is here”

“It is coming”, “It is happening”, “It is here” … The digitization of everything, including YOUR identity “is here”. You will be nothing but a code somewhere on a blockchain, linked to everything else related to you, your “money”, your “assets”, your health information etc. The “perfect” system of Antichrist “is here”. You can hear it straight from the SEC chairman as he confirms that this is indeed the case.

Of course the demolition of the current financial system is done for this exact purpose – to usher in a new digital world, but you are not being told that. What you hear is that the current system is corrupt (which it is, but with a purpose) and manipulated for the benefit of a small group of special interests and for the banking elites.

On the back of the iniquity of the current financial system (which is being brought down in a controlled-demolition way) they will bring about a “new, fair, equitable, impossible to manipulate, out of the control of any particular group, etc” monetary system. They are doing this on the back of the rising populist movements worldwide, and it will be presented as the result of the victory of an “awaken” humanity that was able to finally come together and overcome the “satanic elites” that have been trying to bring about some form of “totalitarian universal system of control” known as the “New World Order” for centuries. Humanity will be “liberated”.

Take as an example the cash ban legislation here in Australia, which they are trying to pass right now in a haste. It is not even a matter of economic debate any more, but about pushing through the Social Gospel agenda! In the process they are calling the false churches, all the false prophets to testify for their cause, while leaving real economists out … all done in a charade called “public hearing” trying to ram it through with as little attention as possible … as usual … what is happening has nothing to do with economics … it is later than you think …

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