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Blockchain – the enslavement system of Antichrist

Lecture held at St Herman of Alaska Missionary Church
Melbourne Australia (22/9 July 2018)

Audio lecture

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(note: there are some elements in the summary that are not covered in the lecture, as well as some topics in the lecture that are not in the summary. please check out both)


The apostasy – the corruption of everything, the destruction of God and the corruption of the moral values. Fr Seraphim and Herman’s Orthodox Survival Course. The fall of the world into Nihilism.

The period of chaos and decadence, wars, financial crises (very important), and every other unimaginable iniquity, slowly being revealed to the world through events of increasing intensity; this is in fact the mystery of iniquity and lawlessness being slowly revealed to the world in the end times: out of this widespread iniquity, lawlessness shall present itself as righteousness, darkness shall present itself as “an angel of light”

The false antichrist – the revelation to humanity of the existence of a secret group of evil people trying to control the world – this could also materialize into a single person emerging as the leader of this occult group; These secret groups have taken control of all the governments through which they push their control agendas in an ever increasing blatant way.

The false awakening – people are becoming increasingly aware (intentionally – that is the goal) of the existence of all these secret societies and start to mount a “unified” effort to push back against these occult interests; all conspiracy theories start to become true one by one, creating the perfect breeding ground for this false awakening to develop.

It is a false awakening because it is not a spiritual awakening driven by repentance, but people waking up to a grand scheme of control of all nations perpetrated by these secret groups with the specific purpose of raising the revolutionary spirit in man who will be brought to a point where he cannot endure anymore and seek his own justice.

This false awakening is also manifested through the emergence of a new social doctrine, as a recognition of the fact that all current and past social systems have failed to address the challenges the humanity faces, starting with Pope Leo XIII and making its way into the doctrines of the Orthodox Churches today.

The false awakening leads to the creation of a “common front of action” – the very essence of the new social doctrine, with Ecumenism being the most visible manifestation of this unity in the Church; the world religions have to unite in order to “counter” this “antichrist”, because only a united humanity can face the threat of this “great enemy”. The unity is not only the unity of “faith” but equally importantly also “the unity of action”. Both these aspects of unity were addressed by the Synod in Crete – the Relations Document addressed the unity of faith, and the Missions Document covering the unity of action. This is what makes this synod truly the synod of betrayal: the betrayal is complete and on all fronts.

The calls for a new “just and equitable” social system are becoming the mainstream topic, so important that they become the UN’s agenda 2030. The same old socialist and communist ideals, but returning in a new “more humane form” become the new goals of the Cretan Church, and Humanity in general. We observe here the corruption of the mission of the Church from that of saving souls for the kingdom of heaven, towards achieving a better society here on earth. Her (the Church’s) message becomes one of advocating social justice, social acceptance and inclusion, rather than individual repentance before God.

A humanity in distress seeks through its own means to find solutions to this global crisis. We see here there is no call to repentance but actually a call to revolution. As a result we see a very concerning pattern of revolutions and counter-revolutions forming, some very liberal in nature, others presenting themselves as “traditionalist”, none of them having anything in common with Christ, yet both sides claiming they fight for some “universal set of moral values”, but without God these moral values are just idols. You notice in the ecumenist gatherings they never mention Christ, but God, or Almighty, or the Creator. So we are witnessing a depersonalization of God.

In this great distress of entire nations and multitudes of people, we can see how the humanity is actually being prepared for the moment of “great liberation” and the arrival of the grand liberator – the one who will be able to put an end to all this pain and suffering, and offer a most successful social and political solution to all the problems the humanity faces. This whole process has already been “tested” in Latin America, where Liberation Theology has been a predominant factor in the teachings of the Catholic Church. The whole of Latin America has been a major “testing ground” of this grand social experiment which is about to be applied to the whole of the Western world. And the results of this experiment are quite obvious today: look at the ongoing social crises in Venezuela, Argentina and everywhere else in that region.

This is followed by the rebirth of humanity on her own; being liberated from the oppression of the “evil doers”, it finds a new spiritual identity and becomes conscious of her own potentials. A new world order emerges based exclusively on human wisdom, but at the same time it will be recognized as a natural “evolution” of humanity towards a higher state – the kingdom of antichrist. Humanity reaches “the omega point”, the triumph of humanism is proclaimed.

All these ideas are found in Rene Guenon, who was a mason. If you read about him, you will see that his “traditionalist” philosophy has been embraced both in Trump’s and Russia’s administrations (see Steve Bannon and Alexandr Dugin) and presented as the response to the liberal ideology that has been promoted over the last decades. There is evidence that in fact both the liberals and the traditionalists are in fact controlled by the same people. There are great resources, articles and posts both on Orthodox Australia website and Facebook group.


In support of these new social doctrines, the case is being made that all previous forms of social and political systems, including socialism, communism and capitalism, are obsolete and unable to address the common problems of the world. A new “social contract” is presented to the humanity as the solution.

A new system is proposed, a new “social contract”, which today we can identify as “Distributism”, which is the most common name for the practical implementation of the new social doctrine that we come across today. Incidentally Distributism happens to advocate the same ideas of “going back to the traditional values”, of “going back to a simpler way of life”. In this new “social contract” the aim is eliminate all the corrupt centralized institutions that have facilitated all the iniquities of the ruling elites, and to “give the power back to the individual, the family and the small communities” which will feel liberated from the oppression of the capitalist oppressors – from the big banks (including central banks), or any other form of “capitalist exploitation”. It will be argued that people will be able to take back control of their own finances and ultimately their own destinies. Overall it will appear to be the best social system and it will come as a “new revelation”, and it will have such an impact on people’s lives that they will ask themselves “how was it possible that for so long such a small group of people could control them for so long” etc etc.

This is where blockchain comes in. If you look at what it promises, it becomes obvious that this must be that “perfect system”. The problem with this system though is that it requires everyone and everything be registered in, and will exist only in a digital form. Every person, every aspect of his/her own life are recorded in this system and nothing will be allowed to exist outside of it.

A little bit of history of blockchain: It all started with Bitcoin which was “invented” by Satoshi Nakamoto, but nobody knows who he is, yet there are strong indications that behind this name hides some of the most powerful spy agencies, like the NSA. Bitcoin was born in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 and as a response to the corruption of the centralized banking system of the Western world. Sounds very much as an important part of the response to the iniquities of the banking cabal and their ability to endlessly manipulate the current dollar centric financial system for their own obscure (and occult) interests. There is plenty of evidence that the current financial system has been an important part of the economic warfare arsenal used to subdue nations and peoples.

It can bee argued that in a sense Bitcoin can be considered as the “fore-runner” of the blockchain technology we see today, also known as “distributed ledger technology”

What is blockchain? Well, as they say it, it is “the technology” that will change everything about your life:

  • From the way you bank…
  • To how you buy and sell stocks…
  • It will change the way you use legal and health care services…
  • How you purchase items online…
  • How you book a hotel room or buy a car…
  • Even how you use your email…
  • Ending health epidemics…
  • Saving lives after natural disasters hit…
  • Drastically reducing electricity usage and lowering utility bills…
  • Eliminating fraud in humanitarian aid to help needy families get cash and food…
  • And even help create a person’s identity… allowing access to basic human rights like voting, getting health care, going to school and traveling…

They say this about this technology:

  • This technology allows any user in any industry to record data and transactions on a ledger instantaneously…
    And it’s completely unhackable.
  • The key is that the transaction ledger isn’t maintained or stored by any one user…
  • But every user involved in the transaction has access to it.
  • Everyone can see when changes are made or transactions are performed…
  • It is completely impossible to manipulate

What will be registered in the blockchain? Here is how one article describes it – basically every aspect of one’s life:

“Innovators are programming this new digital ledger to record anything of value to humankind — birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, deeds and titles of ownership, rights to intellectual property, educational degrees, financial accounts, medical history, insurance claims, citizenship and voting privileges, location of portable assets, provenance of food and diamonds, job recommendations and performance ratings, charitable donations tied to specific outcomes, employment contracts, managerial decision rights and anything else that we can express in code”

An Orthodox Prophecy from the 15th century about the system of antichrist says this:

“Each person will be registered; not only every facet of his affairs and his life, but his every word, every movement of his mental faculties will be under constant surveillance so that he will lose the habit of thinking for himself out of fear that the expression on his face might involuntarily reflect something incompatible with the authority of the world ruler, i.e., Antichrist. Everyone will wear “stone masks.” All labor, every square inch of ground, every grain of wheat will be under the authority of Antichrist… And only those who have accepted the mark of the Beast, i.e., Satan, will be allowed to exist for a time, although in the most servile and base conditions of utter penury and contempt for the human dignity that man received from his Creator. Everything will be filled with Antichrist: the earth, the sea, the air.”

The blockchain technology is being implemented today, mostly with very little fanfare. In general I have been trying to raise awareness about this for some years already. But recently things do seem to precipitate indeed. I have recently shown how the Australian Government has just signed a $1 billion dollar agreement with IBM to implement this new system that will cover everything: social security, welfare, Medicare, Human Resources, Labour and Defence departments etc etc – basically every aspect of our lives! Here is what they say about the agreement:

“Under the agreement, all government agencies can access the financial benefits and technologies. For the major agencies that partner with IBM today – Department of Human Services (DHS), the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), and the Department of Defence (DOD) – the agreement improves the current arrangements and gives them the autonomy and flexibility to change the profile of their technology over the next five years. Making it easier, more efficient and cost effective to access emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, quantum enables the agencies to accelerate the deployment of digital services that are smarter, more resilient and better integrated for Australians.”

These developments are not at all isolated to Australia, but it is indeed a world-wide agenda. Government insiders from the US are saying that president Trump is about to make a major announcement about the very same technology being adopted in the US too. All brought to you by the people you got to trust because they are the “good guys”. Right?


IBM have also revealed that they are working hastingly to embark most governments of the world into this new system, as soon as possible. They have said that it was actually a certainty that the system will be brought online by the end of the year:

“I think you will see some solutions that IBM has been backing making use of this certainly before the end of this year.”
“Back then (in October of 2017) IBM announced it had been working with the Stellar protocol and its native token, lumens, as a bridge currency between money transfer operators in a number of South Pacific island nations. Since then IBM has been busy expanding this into a larger production ready network. We haven’t announced anything yet but it includes regulated financial institutions in a whole bunch of other jurisdictions”

In fact IBM has just revealed the new crypto-US dollar. They have just launched a so called “stable coin”, a crypto-dollar pegged to the US dollar but that exists as a digital currency only.



As you can see, at the forefront of this efforts is IBM. People need to look up their troubled past. Some say this company was founded by the Nazis and facilitated the regimentation of people in the second world war. There are a lot of articles we put out on Facebook documenting all these things.

How are they going to make the new system credible? I showed how above when I talked about the “stable coin”. Here is what IBM said in a recent statement:

“Today, I’m excited to discuss the development of a new kind of digital currency that is gaining in popularity — stable coins — which can help increase the viability of performing everyday financial transactions on blockchain. A stable coin is a digital currency that is pegged to another stable asset like gold, or to major fiat currencies like Euros, Pounds or the US dollar. The “stability” of stable coins could translate into improving the entire backbone of international banking operations, giving banks an innovative way to significantly update their core banking and compliance infrastructure while also helping to improve operational efficiency and regulatory transparency; not to mention, these types of enhancements tend to greatly improve user experience and can help bolster a renewed trust in banks.”

Like it is the case for the US, they will create a digital currency for each country, as they themselves admit. It will give the appearance that countries will still have their own currencies, but the reality is they will be all digital and part of the same network. Eventually each country will be asked to back their own currency by something. This is where I believe a new gold standard is emerging. And the East (mainly Russian and China) have been buying all the available Gold for years. There are also numerous other signs they are preparing a gold-standard. First is the petro-yuan framework which is backed by gold contracts on the Shanghain exchange. Then there are rumours that Trump himself is preparing to announce a new “gold standard” for the US dollar which may involve an overnight revaluation. This is supported also by one of the prophecies of St Seraphim of Sarov who said that a last true Ecumenical Council would be called:

“to deliver to a final curse against the whole of Masonry and all the parties similar to it (under whatever names they may appear), the leaders of whom have one common aim: under the pretext of complete egalitarian earthly prosperity, and with the aid of people who have been made fanatical by them, to create anarchy in all states and to destroy Christianity throughout the world, and, finally, by the power of gold concentrated in their hands, to subdue the whole world to antichristianity in the person of a single autocratic, God-fighting tsar – one king over the whole world.”

What we have here is a very strong clue that key for the acceptance of the new system would be the gold backing. For most people this will look like nothing more than a return to the gold standard, but deep underneath the surface it will be the currency of the antichrist, for this currency will only exist in the digital realm. In the end, blockchain money will probably end up being backed by gold and silver, and probably gold and silver will be accepted in exchange for the new currency, at least in the beginning.

How should we as Orthodox Christians prepare for these frightening developments? First we have the Holy Fathers that say buying a little block of land is a good start. Not owing money to any financial institution is also important. If one cannot afford a small block of land, then like-minded people can associate towards achieving this goal. Second, people have to consider moving all their assets outside of the current financial system – in physical form. Third, people should think to form small communities where they can look after their own needs without the need of sourcing anything from outside. Fourth, but really the first, unceasing prayer for God to intervene and show us a way out of all this.

What have all the “smart” people doing for quite a few years now? They have been exiting the system themselves. When you hear of slogans like “make America great again”, don’t think that will actually happen. It is just a smart way to give a last boost to the stock markets so the rich can cash out through stock buybacks (using company money to buy shares from individual investors) and move into physical assets, one of them being gold which they buy at manipulated low prices on COMEX and taking physical delivery in London through the EFP contracts (exchange for physical).

As a conclusion of this short presentation I would like to challenge you with one simple proposition. Try to find out one government in the world, that identify themselves as “Orthodox” or not, that has not expressed a wish to adopt this technology in their own economy.

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