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A bizarre legal battle for the legacy of Fr Arsenie Boca

It is indeed bizarre. A fight between a Church that has lost her soul after Crete and the babylonian EU, over the legacy of a saint that prophesied that both tragedies would happen: the falling away of the Church, and the destruction coming from the west through their loyal traitors in Romania (who he called the hatchet men of the west). Indeed bizarre. I pray this is not part of an effort to hijack the image of a Saint towards a false cause as I said in the past I feared would happen. Sounds like they are trying to “rush through” the canonization (as currently proposed) under the pretext of “fighting the EU”, another double-ended deception.

People have no idea of the war that has been raised against this saint in recent years. They have printed loads of books with falsified testimonies of people allegedly saying Fr Arsenie was all pro-Catholicism, saying the Orthodox people can pray to Catholic saints etc. People have no idea. And that is the false basis on which the Romanian Orthodox Church want to canonize St Arsenie. All based on lies and false testimonies! He will be canonized as an Ecumenist saint. It will be the ultimate mockery of an Orthodox saint. People in the West have no idea of what the reality is …

The following story only captures the legalistic aspects of the battle, without knowning what really lies behind these bizarre developments.



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