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Thirthy year peace after the big war?

Here is another way one can look at this. I am not saying that what I am about to say is the correct interpretation, I am just saying maybe the correct interpretation has somehow slipped through and nobody noticed (just like nobody noticed the betrayal in the Missions Document in Crete). I am just trying to give here something people can reflect on.
What if the two wars, the hot war involving Turkey and the war mentioned in the Greek prophecies that refers to a “big war followed by a period of 30 years of peace before the arrival of Antichrist” are not the same war? What if they are two different wars, and the actual (physical) war with Turkey is the one during which all peoples will cry out “let’s stop this war and let’s choose for ourselves one leader so there can be no more wars”?
The “30 years of peace” refers to the “half an hour of silence” before the end as mentioned in the book of the Apocalypse. If we have that in mind, then the big war preceding it (preceding the peace) could be the war the Soviet Antichrist rose against the saints martyrs of communism, and the “half an hour” of silence after that are the 30 years of ceasing of physical persecutions (for a while). The Apocalypse does call the persecution of the martyrs of communism WAR, would not the prophecies call it WAR as well?
Rev 13:7 “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them”
The Book of revelation says the silence was in heaven:
Rev 8:1 “there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour”
“in heaven” gives a clear indication the peace is not related to a physical war, as there can be no physical war in heaven!
Many Russian prophecies (like that of St Lavrentii of Cernigov) speak about a short flowering of Orthodoxy right before the arrival of Antichrist. Well that in itself is astonishing. How can, straight after a period of flowering of Orthodoxy, the Antichrist come, just like that out of the blue? Unless the flowering was not really a re-birth but the ceasing of persecutions which, when compared to what Orthodoxy had to endure during the persecution period, would look like a re-birth?
Quote: “On the other hand, compared to the drying up of the faith and general spiritual decadence in Western Europe, it is also true that even this small revival in Russia, starting at the grassroots, looks like a spiritual rebirth.”
St Lavrentii of Cernigov: “In Russia the faith will blossom and there will be rejoicing as before – but only for a short time, for the Dread Judge will come to judge the quick and the dead.”
Elder Alexis of the Zosima Hermitage prophesied: ‘The Russian people must be purified of sin through great trials. We must pray and fervently repent’. (Orthodox Russia, 1970, No. 1, p. 9). In February 1917 St Anatolius the Younger of Optina made this prophecy: ‘There will be a storm. And the Russian ship will be smashed to pieces. But people can be saved even on splinters and fragments. And not all will perish. We must pray, everybody must repent and pray with fervour. And what happens after a storm?…There will be a calm…A great miracle of God will be revealed. And by the will of God and His power, all the splinters and fragments will come together and be united, and the ship will be rebuilt in its beauty and will go on its own way, as foreordained by God. And this will be a miracle clear to all…(Orthodox Russia, 1970, No. 1, p. 9). Also in 1917, St Nectarius of Optina said: ‘Russia will arise, she will not be materially rich, but she will be spiritually rich and in Optina there will be another seven luminaries, another seven pillars’. (I. M. Kontzevich, Optina Monastery and its Age, Jordanville, 1973, p. 538).
Here is another Prophecy that seems to indicate that the period of flowering already started with the fall of communism (as my presumption is).
Not long before his repose in August 1918, Elder Aristocleus (1838-1918), foretold: ‘Now we are going through the time before Antichrist, but Russia will still be delivered. There will be many sufferings, many torments. The whole of Russia will become a prison, and we must greatly beseech the Lord for forgiveness. We must repent of our sins and fear to commit even the slightest sin, but strive to do good, even the smallest. For even a fly’s wing has weight, and God’s scales are precise. And when even the smallest good in the cup overflows, then God will reveal His mercy to Russia. Ten days before the end of his life the Elder said that the end would come ‘through China’. He said that there would be an extraordinary outburst and a miracle of God would be revealed. And there would be an utterly different life, but non of this would be for long (Orthodox Russia, 1969, No. 21, p. 3).
He also said: ‘Russia’s rebirth will begin after a most powerful explosion on the banks of a great river’. Many have seen in this the explosion in 1986 at Chernobyl, which in Ukrainian means ‘Wormwood’ (Revelation 8,11) (Bishop Alexander of South America, Easter Message 2005)
Some prophecies actually say that the Tsar will be re-instated at the same time as the coming of the Antichrist, and some prophecies say that even the Antichrist himself will fear the Tsar.
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