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Blockchain: It is later than you think

Blockchain is the fulfilment of the prophecy “all labour, every square inch, every grain of wheat will be under the authority of Antichrist” …


“Innovators are programming this new digital ledger to record anything of value to humankind — birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, deeds and titles of ownership, rights to intellectual property, educational degrees, financial accounts, medical history, insurance claims, citizenship and voting privileges, location of portable assets, provenance of food and diamonds, job recommendations and performance ratings, charitable donations tied to specific outcomes, employment contracts, managerial decision rights and anything else that we can express in code”


Going Stellar … (with Stellar Lumens …)

I have been hearing and reading more and more about a secret project involving IBM and Blockchain (using Stellar.org blockchain). It appears Ethereum has lost its favours with the powers that be because the performance of the new blockchain technology called stellar is literally out of this world and Ethereum cannot even come close to it, both due to much higher transaction costs as well as slow transaction processing. I have been doing some research and found that although this project is being implemented in the most secretive way, it is now complete (already used in production), all ready to go live … some details have started to surface … and it is scary.

Jim Rickards has been the most recognized economic authority talking about it for the last 2-3 months. The sort of details he put out are outright scary. Behind the scenes the IMF is working fervently to build a whole new financial system based on IBM and Stellar’s technology, which it is already being used live, but not having been announced yet. They plan to do so (announce it) in Q2 2018 – meaning sometime within the next 3 months, of else put, by the end of June 2018 ! Very little time left !

Jim Rickards also linked the coming “dollar reboot” to the official launch of this new “world currency”. Everything is being prepared as we speak and you are told nothing …

Various other major projects are also being prepared to be launched on the new network. When you listen to this interview (and is a must listen to) you will get a real sense of how ready they are to pull the trigger on this, how little you have been told about it, and how late the hour is … and explains the reason behind the chaos in the US – it will lead to “an event” soon to trigger all this to start rolling …

The petro-yuan-gold framework launch a few days ago is nothing more than a smaller piece of the puzzle in a bigger picture … listen to the interview bellow !

“Utilising the Stellar blockchain network with capabilities of +3,000 transactions per second and transaction confirmation times of 3-5 seconds, including complete ease of currency utilisation through extensive banking, payment and debit card facilities.”


The interview


More about the IBM/Stellar framework:

Here is Jesse Lund (IBM’s Blockchain VP) answering a few questions about the new framework:

Q: “You co-authored an article with Jed McCaleb and Lindsay Lin on central banks issuing tokenized fiat, how far away do you think we are before we see central bank issued tokens on Stellar (or another platform)?”


Q: “Is the Universal Payment Solution live on the Stellar network? When can we expect to see the network volume increase?”

A: “The prototype is live and we are onboarding clients now to the production version that will launch officially in Q2. You’ll begin to see a lot more XLM payment volume as the transaction volume grows. And yes, you’ll be able to see it on the Stellar network”


Jim Rickards about this secretive project:


Jim Rickards about the “dollar reboot”:


Where are our Orthodox leaders warning people about it?

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