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The rigging of gold and silver

Deutsche Bank accepted an earlier settlement by admitting rigging precious metal markets for turning others in. There is a bigger (involving many more banks) and far more important lawsuit in New York specifically for the rigging of Silver which is far more important to watch. Insider sources said that the US Govenrment specifically asked that the lawsuit be delayed for 1 year (that was in december 2016 – probably because it would blow the cover of the involvement of the US FED as well) very soon after this was reported:

“Lawyers for investors accusing several major banks of conspiring to rig silver prices are seeking to add five new defendants to the case, based what they call “smoking gun” evidence they obtained from Deutsche Bank AG following a settlement. The plaintiffs, who are seeking court permission to file the revised complaint, said more than 350,000 pages of documents and 75 audio tapes that Deutsche Bank produced, including electronic chats involving silver traders, backed up their claims.”


This is just helping build up the New York case … Expect fireworks soon !


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