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Appeal of Elder Raphail of Mount Athos to Patriarch Kirill and the Russian Orthodox Church

Elder Raphail Berestrov is one of the few spiritual giants left in the world. He is 85 years old. He is a schemamonk who spent many years in the monastery of Valaam, and currently living as a hesychast on Mount Athos. He has a very important message for all Orthodox Christians to hear.

(note: we are now in possession of the full high quality transcript which we will translate to English soon. We were only able to provide a partial translation due to not being able to find someone to help us with the translation from Russian. We thank the “aliona” reader of ortodoxinfo.ro for the extraordinary effort)

Christ is risen! In truth is risen!

Arch-shepherds, save Christ’s flock!

Protect and pasture the sheep of Christ, you who are called, save them from predatory wolves in sheep’s clothing, who are deceiving the sheep and taking them away from Christ to satan.

Patriarch Kirill during the numerous meetings with Muslims and Jews, talked about Muslims, Jews and Orthodox having the same “god”.

This is blasphemy! He distanced himself from True God – the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Reverend Bishop, do not let this wolf mislead Christ’s flock. Orthodox people in their simplicity with so much trust and respect, treats him like an Arch-shepherd and the Patriarch, but you know and remain silent!

And that is a sin! You, as the Apostles of Christ, you need to lay down your life for Christ’s sheep. He cheats, seducing them into the antichrist church.

I know who Patriarch Kirill is: He – if not a FSB general, is a mason (for sure) and maybe a catholic cardinal. He is a heretic.

I know that some of you are masons, who are in priest’s robes and white masonic hoods, along with archpriests standing in a masonic lodge. I’m surprised that they were in masonic lodges, in the enemy trenches?! Believing in Christ and going to satanists?!

In the Church they opened the door to convicted ecumenism heresy, and now through ecumenism in the Church, all other heresies condemned by Councils of the Holy Fathers, occultism and satanism are also entering.

Dear Arch-shepherds, protect Christ’s sheep, protect the Church of Christ! Re-establish what’s been trampled: restore Catholicism (NOT roman catholicism) and local Councils, destroy pontifical dictatorship of the Moscow Pope! Condemn the wolf’s Cretan heretical council!

Condemn therefore, ecumenism, which introduces antichrist to the Church, reject the lies of the World Council of Churches!

Now please, dear fathers, brothers and sisters, pray for our Arch-shepherds, so may Lord help them and heal them from a timid tetanus so that our Arch-shepherds will stand up in defence of the Church of Christ and us, their children.

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