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One of the most troubling projects, one that will fundamentally change the world, one about which nobody is telling you anything in the media, a project in which billions upon billions (and some sources are even saying trillions) of dollars are being invested as we speak, is being hastily developed away from public eye and scrutinity. Something is being prepared to be revealed to the world and your are told nothing about.

The project is called “Ethereum”. It is the next phase of Bitcoin, but it will effectively change every single aspect of commerce and money. Botcoin has been nothing more that a proof of concept for this new revolutionary technology, a test run to assess the viability and feasibility of the new blockchain technology.

Let us start by giving a few quotes of that can be achieved by this new technology called Ethereum. The following quotes have been extracted from the page of the Ethereum Foundation:

A tradeable token with a fixed supply.
A central bank that can issue money.
A virtual organization where members vote on issues.
A transparent association based on shareholder voting.
Your own country with an unchangeable constitution.
A better delegative democracy.

and the list goes on and on …

But what maybe is even more telling is the list of companies that have gathered together in this big secretive consortium called the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, just to name a few:

What do these companies say about this project?

“We look forward to active collaboration with the members of the alliance,” said Kwang Woo Song, vice president of Samsung‘s Distributed Ledger Technology Business Group. “And believe that there will be significant synergy opportunity to drive the adoption of blockchain in the enterprise space.”

“Not only can these industries work and learn from each other, you’re going to start seeing multi-sided, or n-sided marketplaces where it’s not just the banks operating with each other, it’s actually the banks turning into software companies and getting close and more seamless with their clients.”

“Among the new members are South Korean telecom Samsung, pharmaceuticals giant Merck, automaker Toyota, investor communications platform Broadridge, financial markets firm DTCC, and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which oversees licensed businesses in the state.”


The new system is called “holy grail of a post-central bank world“.

According to Reuters, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) will work to “enhance the privacy, security and scalability of the Ethereum blockchain, making it better suited to business applications”


First please allow us to highlight the secrecy in which this whole project is veiled:

A secretive project that would aim to make ethereum more suitable for corporate users is taking shape, according to multiple sources familiar with the project. Rumored to be called Enterprise Ethereum, the exact nature of the effort remains veiled behind an unusual degree of privacy.

On Thursday, 15th December, a group of startup founders and representatives from some of the world’s largest financial institutions reportedly gathered in New York to discuss the common problems they face when building enterprise applications on ethereum.

On site at the undisclosed location appears to have been several bulge bracket banks, including at least one who was in the past involved with R3CEV, a stock exchange and a major software provider, among others.”


Why is this project so secret, what is it that they do not want you to know? Because it indeed bears all the hallmarks of the mark of the beast system, the system that will replace the way people trade and pay for absolutely everything. It will be the only way for people to buy, sell and pay for all goods and services, and judging by the rush for them to finalize its implementation and the amount of money thrown at it, it certainly seems it is meant to become operational rather soon. Again we ask, why the rush?

The way in which Ethereum will revolutionize the world is by allowing everything to be “tokenized” and then traded. Every commodity, every asset will be digitized and traded on the back of this new platform. What is this “tokenization”? The dollar, back in the days when it used to be backed by gold, was in effect a “token”, meaning on every dollar bill it stated that this “token” is exchangeable for this amount of gold or silver, so in effect the paper dollar bill was a “token”. Ethereum will work in the exact same way, but in a much broader way: the platform will allow for every single asset or commodity to be “tokenized”. Companies out there are already working to “tokenize” gold and silver for example – here is one of the participating companies in the Ethereum Project, Digix:

“Digix is an asset-tokenisation platform built on Ethereum. We leverage the blockchain’s immutability, transparency and auditability by applying it to precious physical assets.”


“The Ethereum-based gold tokenisation company DigixGlobal has secured a deal with Silver Bullion and The Safe House and will be transferring their current gold holdings to Silver Bullion for the upcoming relaunch of DGX 2.0”


Whether someone buys wheat, oil or virtually everything else, the Ethereum blockchain technology will support it. These are just some of the “benefits” of the new system concerning commerce, but what about the money supply and central banking? The new money will be able to be issued much easier on the back of any asset, thus allowing for new asset backed currencies, and will make the process much more transparent and harder to manipulate (they say). The blockchain technology is already being heralded as doing away with central control. No central bank or central authority will be able to manipulate it in any way (they say). This new technology will be seen as capable of liberating humanity from under the yoke of central planers and financial oppressors and people will adopt it open-heartedly. This will be the crown jewel of the revolution against the ruling elite and their tyrannical financial system. Humanity will break free from under the oppression of the banking elite!

Aside from that, the new technology does indeed seem to have applicability in all social and political aspects as well, as stated by its founders, promising to solve all of humanity’s problems. What a wonderful world!

Here is how “the resistance” is describing this new technology and how all those who seemingly fought against central bank manipulation and control of everything see this “revolutionary” system:

Putin’s business ombudsman: “Russia must become world’s blockchain leader”:

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