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Trump – the result of genuine repentance of self-fueled revolt against the elites?

Looking forward to the day the first banker is jailed by Trump (especially the federal reserve) for defrauding the world and the American people in the name of defending the dollar. Look carefully and you will see Trump will promise to change everything else, but will he touch this issue? People will never really be truly “liberated” if their financial slavery to globalist institutions remains untouched, or even worse, furthered.
How about dismantling the police state USA, the NSA and all other universal spying agencies, is that going to happen or be further extended in the name of implementing the new policies? Is universal spying now good if it is going to be used for a “better purpose”?
I fear deception on even a greater scale than before … why? Because what is happening today is not driven by genuine repentance before God, but by a self-fueled revolt against the elites.

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