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288. May 30/June 12, 1980 St. Isaac of the Dalmatian Monastery

Dear Father Hilarion,

Christ is in our midst!

I’ve wanted to write you so many times, but I seem to be constantly distracted, and now that I have a specific occasion to do so I cant remember the other things I wanted to talk to you about! Anyway, please remember us poor distracted ones in your prayers.

The specific cause of my letter is this: Fr. Alexey Young is expanding his Nikodemos into a monthly “newspaper” (if God will only give him the strength!), and for his children’s page I have proposed to translate parts of the Zakon Bozhy of Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy. Since it is copyrighted by Holy Trinity Monastery and the author is reposed, we evidently need the permission of the Monastery to use it. Could you ask Vladika Laurus about this and tell us if there are any complications? Our idea right now is simply to supply some pages for a children’s section, beginning with Part One of the book (perhaps with a few of the illustrations), and only later (if then) to think of printing all or part of the book separately. I would be very grateful for a word on this as soon as possible, as the first issue is due to come out about the end of the month.

Vladika Anthony has blessed this new venture, which will be quite modest (probably 8 pages a little less than the size of Orthodox Russia at first), but I think it could be very important for our American Orthodox flock and for English-speaking Orthodox in general. Out here we have noticed a whole new “tone” in the converts of recent years: much less of the “know it all” spirit, emphasis on “canons” and “Typicon,” etc., and much more just basic Orthodox Christianity. This is the flock Fr. Alexey hopes to supply with good Orthodox material and significant news (without controversy!).

Thanks to God, the first 150 pages of Fr. Michael’s Dogmatic Theology is now being set up at last, and “publication date” of the whole book is set for all (pray for this!). Mary Mansur mentioned something about a revision of the “Baptism” chapter—do you have the text? I will be correcting that part within the next month or so.

Mary also mentioned you would like to come out west and visit us again—you are always welcome! We have had more brothers and pilgrims this year than ever, but our life remains basically the same. Fr. Peter is having his difficulties and grows faint-hearted very easily; please pray for him. He doesn’t seem to be entirely “present” yet; and our unseasonable cold weather has gotten him down also. He is helping well in the printshop, however.

One of your seminarians from Russia wrote me some months ago about translating Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future into Russian. I think I didn’t answer him—but if you know who it is, please tell him yes, he has our permission (he wasn’t there when I visited in December).

Please pray for us. We remember you with much love.

With love in Christ,
Unworthy Hieromonk Seraphim

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