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275. Aug. 9/22,1979 Apostle Matthias

Dear Father Chrysostomos,

Christ is in our midst!

Thank you for your letter, which was most welcome, and please forgive my long silence in not writing to the other Fathers—I have just been too busy and unable to write. My letter to Andrew Bond advising him not to print Fr. Akakios’ letter was meant more than anything else to protect him from the attacks that would come if he printed an attack on Fr. Panteleimon (I had thought that the article was more personal than it is). I have written Fr. Akakios separately about this.

We greatly sympathize with you in your sufferings caused by such uncharitable attacks, some of them from within our Church. But know that this is for your refinement and salvation, and can be of benefit to others if you endure them firmly and patiently. If you can stand firm and stay where you are, the trial will surely pass away and leave you stronger. Let the voice of the 14-year old Debra be the vox populi for you: you have more friends than you may think.

Now your monastery is known and you can’t hide from anyone. May God grant that this be the occasion for your labors in enlightening the Orthodox about the cause of the Old Calendar Church. A calm and objective presentation of information on the Old Calendar Church is much needed in America and you could do it, preferably through your own bulletin. I have mentioned this to Fr. Akakios also.

May God strengthen you in your trials. Know that GOD IS WITH US!

Please remember us in your prayers.

With love in Christ,
Unworthy Hieromonk Seraphim

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