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245. April 13/26, 1977 Hieromartyr Artemon


Dear Brother in Christ, Christopher,

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Yes, I was ordained priest on Sunday, and I begin to feel the weight of the cross. Please pray for me harder than ever, that I may truly be able to help souls to salvation. The priesthood is not for me alone—I am supposed to pull those around me to heaven! But such a calling and responsibility!

We had about 30 pilgrims for the Liturgy, and all went with exceptional fervor and oneness of soul. Everybody received Holy Communion. Alexey Young was tonsured reader the same day. Grace still is being poured out on us for the difficult days ahead. Prepare yourself!

Yes, write about your thoughts and problems. Don’t be alarmed when the Paschal joy fades and passions start to invade—stand firm and pray to God. God expects our struggle, and He will send His grace as we need it.

With love in Christ,
Unworthy Priest-monk Seraphim

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