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232. July 27/Aug. 9, 1976 Canonization of St. Herman

Dear Father Ioannikios,


Thank you for the “blunt letter.” For all that we said and did to produce this reaction in you, we sincerely ask your forgiveness. However, I must also say that not all that you wrote is entirely just. But let there be peace between us!

Please do not make any special efforts to send us anyone. We asked to “borrow” Makarios, not first of all because we are short-handed, but as a special case, in answer to the offer he made to us. Since you think this is unwise, the case is closed for us, and we are not looking for “extra hands” anywhere. As it is, you have two of our former “hands” in Br. Laurence, who I trust is showing himself as hard a worker as he was for us. If anyone expresses interest in us, it is enough for you to give them a reasonably objective picture, without emphasizing that we need hands. We are content with whatever God sends us.

About Metropolitan Philaret we have had a moderate response, more pro than con. The “con” response reveals a surprising lack of information as to what our bishops think, which perhaps in itself justifies bringing the matter up. Of course you are right that discretion is called for in this area.

Enclosed is a letter that is self-explanatory. We have replied briefly to him for ourselves.

We ask your prayers.

With love in Christ,
Seraphim, monk

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