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222. June 10/23, 1976 St. John of Tobolsk

Dear Father Hilarion,


We do not know how you are, but feel that it is perhaps difficult for you. Rejoice in the Lord! Our goal is in the heavens!

Ever darker clouds seem ahead of us in church life, and we pray God will give you the courage and wisdom not to lose sight of the goal in the midst of them. God is with us!

Just a word: if ever there seems “just no way out” for you and you desperately need “asylum”—come here and we will “hide” you, as long as God gives us strength and grace to inhabit these mountains.

Please pray for us, especially on the day of Archbishop Johns repose, June 19/July 2. We would be glad to hear a word from you.

With love in Christ our Saviour
Seraphim, monk

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