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215. April 12/25,1976 Pascha 1976

Dear Christopher,

We will be expecting you in May. Only please write again shortly before you come to confirm the time and date.

Yes, the Sobor has daily Liturgy.

Archbishop Averky reposed on Tuesday before Palm Sunday and was buried on the eve of Lazarus Saturday. A righteous man, little valued. We must now present his teaching—please pray that we can do it fittingly. The burden becomes much heavier for us now.

Br. Laurence reached the end of his 3-year monastic trial and never attained the trust and oneness of soul and mind necessary for our way of life. So he left just before Pascha and will go to Jordanville. Pray for him. We are thus physically alone, but determined to continue and speak the truth until they come and shoot us down.

I don’t know whether Vlad. Nektary will be back in San Francisco (from Seatde) by May 17 or not. You’ll have to find out then. Father Herman went with him and Vladika Anthony for the funeral in Jordanville.

May God grant to you to grow in the Faith and bear fruit—many are falling away. Pray for us.

With love in Christ,
Seraphim, monk

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