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200. Nov. 18/Dec. 1, 1975 Martyrs Platon and Romanus

Dear Brother in Christ, Macarios [Schaefer?],

Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m sorry to be so late answering your letter. We’ve been working day and night on The Northern Thebaid (which is now complete except for cover), and now the Calendar, and I just haven’t answered any letters.

About becoming a novice: if Nicholas feels that he should, and the authorities bless it, then that seems to be the path for him. But if you don’t feel any great urge to take this step, there’s no need to rush it. Such a decision will mature in its own time. Your status as a seminarian is already definite enough to give you protection against many of the devil’s wiles, and the decision to become a novice is something extra, which perhaps you don’t need yet.

We are glad to hear of your progress in Russian and in general. May Christ our God keep you in His grace. But be always trembling before God, expecting temptation on any side, and trusting in God and His Most Holy Mother and the saints to get you through. The path of salvation is a narrow one, but with God’s help we can stay on it, because that is what He has called us for!

Please pray for us.

With love in Christ,
Seraphim, monk

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