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101. Apr. 13/26,1972. St. Artemon, Martyr

Dear Brother in Christ, Laurence,

Enclosed is absolutely the first copy of the new issue, slightly delayed due to uckywenie (various).

Enclosed also is a letter from a prospective catechumen, to whom (today) we have given your name and tel. number. Pray to your guardian angel and lead him to the true Church. (We told him Metropolia isn’t in communion with Synod.) Don’t forget: he’s a living soul, and probably quite fragile!

Glory be to God, we are surviving, although amid various adventures and trials. Monday the truck broke down (fuel pump) and is now in Cottonwood, whither it went at AAA expense. Hopefully I’ll get a ride somehow this morning to go pick it up.

But how close is God! — As I was sitting in the truck waiting for the tow truck, I read the days mail — in which there were the fantastic catacomb documents which are mentioned on p. 3 of this issue, the likes of which have not been seen since 1927-29. The day after receiving them, we printed that page — as if we had been waiting for them!

[in Russian]

Will try to get the prokeimena texts out to you on Saturday.

Pray for us.

With love in Christ
Sinful monk Seraphim

P.S. Any chance for more lead soon?

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