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099. March 5/18, 1972. Martyr Conon (a wonderful life!)

Dear Brother in Christ, Laurence,

Rejoice in the Lord! We sympathize with you in your trials and troubles, which however are doubtless for your good. Use them wisely!

It’s good news that there was 760 pounds of lead. Enclosed is $20 more for payment — but wait a day or two to cash it, as the money won’t be in the bank until Tues. or Wed. Now I’ll be able to start setting the calendar early, so it won’t be too great a burden all at once. But who’s going to buy it if it’s not an issue of the OW? We have no idea how many to print. In a few years it will very likely support us, but right now it’s all still uncertain.

If Alexey wants a review of Nicholas and Alexandra, by all means write him one. Our hesitance is based only on our monastic scruples, but for most Orthodox laymen in America movies are a part of their life, and if “Orthodoxy” intrudes into this sphere, by all means they should be told what’s what. Only don’t be all grim and negative — i.e., the film itself may be all grim and negative and should properly be lambasted; but let the readers know about the bright phenomenon which the film didn’t get. That they are saints!

Our weather is bright and warm, and green leaves are visible (the oaks are waiting a while). The frightful winter never came, but it looks like we may have a frightful summer instead. But that’s in God’s hands. We’ve been doing a little spring cleaning, and the kitchen begins almost to look like a kitchen.

I guess we’ll see you when we see you. Fr. Spyridon may be coming on Palm Sunday-Lazarus Saturday with Dmitri Murzo, but we haven’t heard anything certain. We pray he does.

Pray for us.

With love in Christ our Saviour,
Seraphim, monk

As for “rehabilitating the dead,” anything is possible under Communism! Vladika Laurus writes that, even apart from his recent accident, Archim. Constantine has been failing lately, and the crucial time is at hand — who’s to take his place? Only by a miracle will it be someone better, and obviously a certain “Eminence” would like to take over! Our own independence becomes all the more important. Nata icon was from Boston.

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